Lewitt mix

Lewitt mix
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A little mix with nothing but Lewitt microphones used in the tracking


Have mixed this one again,what one do you think is the best?


I like the second one better. The first one has too much of a warbly limiter on it. I notice it a lot on the kick drum.


Cheers Boz.


There is this photo going around the internet, two of the exact same photos next to each other and they look different. Is this a trick question? Are they both the same? The second one. It feels like the second one just blends together more so.


Two totally different mixes .The first i done on cans,the second on monitors


Don’t know what you changed using cans then monitor, both sound really good.
On the second one I got a little too much drum in my left ear. Attenuate or maybe pan slightly back to center.
Both are really good mixes.
Thank you kindly,


Which model do you have ?
I went to their website and they have some cool innovations on some of their mics.
I like the one where it records all polar patterns at once and allows the user to change the polar pattern post recording via a plugin.


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