Lewitt Mics mix contest

Greetings good people! Just saw a link in my FB feed to a new mix contest from Lewitt Mics. The track is extremely cool! Deadline is Dec 31 so plenty of time to overthink and post for bashing!



Nice. I might try this one after I get back from my cruise.

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Your cruise? I could use a cruise about now. Green with envy. :slight_smile:

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Hey, this is cool. Not only is this a mixing contest, but they also have a mixing tutorial on how to mix the song! Interesting. I’m in, Blair. Thanks for posting this.

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I wouldn’t even look at that tutorial just do it your own way.I had a quick listen to it and think the mix is awful they done

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Yeah this seems like fun. Why not.

Thanks for posting always looking for something to mix.

Hey gang… for those of you who, like me, scoff at silly things like “directions”, and then get confused when your overheads sound a bit weird. Install the plugin that comes with the files and put an instance on the OH tracks… you can change the polar pattern, which while sounding a bit snake-oil-y, fixed my imaging problem :smiley:

Oh wow, it’s literally written in the audio file name.
I’ll be ok! :man_facepalming:

When I saw you post the contest, I was going to post some tracks from another Lewitt contest a while back and mention the plugin for their Polarizer plugin on the OH mics. Pretty cool how well it works. Anyway, here you go - love this song! The contest is over but it looks like the tracks are still available.


Nice! Thanks for posting this! I’ll put it on to do list!

Quick mix,will have a proper look tomorrow.

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I thought you were givin’ up! THIS doesn’t sound like givin’ up to me. :slight_smile: This is an excellent mix. You amaze me, Alan, how quickly you put these out. Very nice mix.

Hey, what is your DAW? I’d love to learn more about how you mix this stuff. Would love to see even a snapshot of your tracks with the plugins you use. This is so nice.

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Cheers mate,I was feeling really down at the time and the support the community gave me encouraged me to carry on.I have had problems with my ex alienating from my 9 year old daughter and it was just draining the life out of me but im fighting back now as she has effected everything else in my life and i thought bollox i am not letting her effect this.

Will see if i can do a video of a mix for you


That would be absolutely awesome! Very, very interested in this.

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