Lewitt comp - Move Like A Ghost

Well, this was interesting. I originally listened to the studio version of the track and was super excited because of all the attitude it had. Then, I opened the live tracks. Lots of attitude, but some things were a mess… most notably the vocals.

SO… I wanted to approach this like the studio version, lots of stank on the drums, and try to maintain the attitude and vibe of the original. I didn’t clean up a ton of bleed, I wanted to see if I can keep the live feel but still sound half-decently produced.

I did 2 very slightly different versions. On the first one, I’m smashing into my analog summing box. It’s mostly an experiment to see what happens. On the second, I back off a bit so it’s a bit more dynamic and open (although still not all that open). Interested to hear people’s take on it.

A couple of things that I’ve picked up on:

  • there’s a lot of saturation/distortion… some baked into the tracks and some that I added… I may have overcooked it a bit.
  • probably need more vocal automation… I might do some surgical editing on the female vox, they didn’t appear to compress it on the way in to the recording. I’ve compressed them pretty hard but I still feel like it’s not as controlled as I’d like.
  • struggled a lot with the hi-hats… if I left the OH at a consistent level the hats are overbearing, so I put on multiband compression (sidechained by the actual hi-hat track and only active during sections that use the hats) to tame them a bit.
  • I feel like it kinda turns into a mess around 3:00… I’m still deciding if and how I want to clean that up. May have painted myself into a corner though.


Version 1 (summing bus destruction)

Version 1a (summing bus mild beating)

nice. good balance. good use of ambience to get cohesion on the instruments. I feel like the vocals could use a little more to bring them into alliance. I think i like 1 over 1a.

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Sounding pretty good .I think i like 2 the best.Good balance.Not an easy track to mix this one

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