Let's Eat Out

Here is another song from 2016 that I have never shared, I’d call it comedy rock maybe as it is about exactly what the song title says. I had a lot fun making this, the drums and guitar. I don’t think there is any bass even, but I’m unsure if it needs it. Anyway, enjoy I hope and all comments welcome.

We’ve already discussed all our options
With what we have here to cook
Nothing is obvious
Nothing just strikes us
Not worthy a second look

I think we can safely determine
Cooking tonight is ruled out
So one thing is still left uncertain
Where we’re going, because let’s eat out


Let’s eat out
What or where, who can say
We’ll figure it out
Along the way

Just start the car
And head that way
We’ll figure it out
Let’s eat out

So what did you eat for lunch today
What haven’t we had for a while
What is it your body is craving
What is making you inwardly smile

How about we go to La Magnolia
Start with fried calamari and the house cabernet
I could handle a Greek salad and garlic knots
And tiramisu for dessert would be great

Or I can meet you at Rancho Grande
A special jumbo frozen margarita flavor of the day
Really sounds good with some chips and queso
And tableside guacamole

We could get fajitas poblanas with beef
Or you get your tamales or chicken diablo
And I my dirty donkey with a side of sour cream
And split a small sopapilla and drink cappuccino

If it’s cajun that you crave
The Crawfish Shack has etouffee
Jambalaya and boiled crab legs
And boiled crawfish if you’re brave


But sometimes I am telling you
Only Chinese food will do
Egg rolls, stir fry, and pork fried rice
Some egg drop soup and hot tea might be nice

Thai may be a fair substitute
Vietnamese is usually pretty good, too
This is Texas, there’s always good barbecue
Or sushi if you’re in the raw fish mood

Let’s not forget Kentucky Fried Chicken
Or Goodsons chicken fried steak if you are jonesing
Whatever is good for you we’ll do
Even if it is fast food

Maybe you are hankering for a mixed seafood platter
But never underestimate the power of a ribeye steak
Cooked to perfection warm and pink in the center
With a salad and a loaded baked potato, I can hardly wait


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digging it. Biggest thing would be to treat the vocal so that it is more edgey and then work on meshing it with the instruments. Pulling it back some and running through some distortion, then so more compression on the master bus. i really like what you did with the delay on the vocals.

Thanks, Eric, for the advice. I’m probably too close to it and unsavvy enough to be able to do what you’re saying myself, though. And this song is one of the few where I feel I can get away with all that delay, I don’t know why!

Alas, I’m on a very serious diet nowadays and have been ordered by my endochrynologist to limit eating out to once a week, but it’s nice to dream about it!

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Hey Steban,

It kinda has something to it indeed :slight_smile: A bit Frank Zappy style :slight_smile: I think (but thats just my stupid opinion) you could build on this a bit more. Like maybe some question answer between your lyrics and the other instruments. maybe here and there some organ frazes, or sometimes a drumfill. I think you can bring out the comedy a bit more with that :slight_smile: But hey, thats just me, don’t want to be saying how you should make music.

Good stuff ! :slight_smile: