Let me know what you think - new single out

Don’t know if any of you are fans of traditional metal, but this one has Neudi from #ManillaRoad #Trance as guest on drums.
Drums were recorded in Germany, the rest was tracked on a 2 channel IK AXE I/O:

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Hi Descent,
I am not into metal, but this song is very melodious and quite captivating.
Love the drums and the electric guitar solo!!!
Very very nice.
Great recording.

Thank you Rene. I think technically it will be considered “hard rock” or “goth rock”…not really sure. I was thinking Billy Idol meets the Cult when I wrote it :slight_smile:
Thanks for listening!

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You really did a great job on this recording, and I agree with hard or goth.
Keep 'em coming.

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Definitely metal. Heavier than Billy Idol or the Cult… :slight_smile: Great drums. Driving riffs. For some reason I keep expecting some King Diamond, crazy-high vocals to pop in there. Traditional Metal is a good description. Good stuff, man.

Nice song. It did remind me of traditional metal such as Iron Maidan. It has a nice melodic hook too.

Thank you, much appreciated!