Leather and Lace, Stevie Nicks Don Henley 1981

Hi Friends!

Just had a visit with our daughter in CA, had a wonderful time, as we missed spending time with our beautiful and talented young woman!!!
Love you Clarissa, and miss you already!!!

Sharing this song we covered, and may we have lots more songs and music and love together!!!


Brings a tear to my eye Rene. A sweet face, a sweet voice, a sweet guitar sound. Ahhhhh. Like to hear that vox right down the middle. Great mic to capture her at that angle. congrats again

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Hi feaker,
Such wonderful comments, very sweet!!!
You are always much appreciated!

Pretty voice and nice cover. What a great duo.

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Hi skua,
Love your comments.
You are so much appreciated.

Great version, Rene! How about joining with some harmonies in the chorus?

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I was really thinking hard about doing that in the middle of recording, but I let it go. Her vocals was the center of the song, and I was hooked in my guitar accompaniment role.
I was a bit hesitant that I might prolong our recording sessions with my mistakes, hehehehehe.
Love your comments!

Except for the audio being only in my left ear (with headphones), this cover tune sounds really good! Guitar playing and singing sound excellent! :slight_smile:

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Hi Aaron,
Always good to hear from you.
This is an older recording, and I had changed my set-up since then, and had resolved the one-channel only sound.
Thanks for the great words!!!