Lately, Stevie Wonder 1980

“Lately” is a song by American singer Stevie Wonder recorded for his album Hotter than July (1980).

Dedicated to all our lovers and dreamers. May your love lead you to peace!

Peace and Love to all!!!

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Feedback is much appreciated.


So smooooooth! Great cover @ReneAsologuitar :beerbanger:

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Hi holster!
You are simply awesome.
Thank you, as always, for your solid support and inspiration.

Wow Rene, that’s a really challenging song to sing and play. Your vocal control - especially on those “held in” high notes - is impressive. Kudos!

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Thank you for your compliments.
The high notes, I made sure I can reach, and so I used my Taylor that is tuned two frets lower, from E to D.
You are so much appreciated, CRS!!!
Warm regards,

Those high vox notes aren’t loud but spot on. Check out that low E string tuning. At 1:57 when you hit the G note it is out of tune. No biggie. Nobody else would pick that up IMHO. ha ha You leave very little to pick at friend. I did nod off a few seconds here and there …zzzzzzz so purdy :slight_smile:

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Awesome version my friend. Very well done.

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Hi feaker,
Thanks for the great feedback.
I think I heard my low E missfire on my guitar.
Love your comments!!!

You are awesome!!!
Thanks so much!!!

Man I’d love to hear this, but I can’t play vids from the site. Does anyone have a fix so I can leave Holster alone?

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Hi HB,
Were you able to take a listen?
Did Holster hook you up?
Pls let me know, so I can also work it.
I do not know why you are not able to play vids from the site.
Can you do You Tube channels?
Thanks for the “wanna hear”.

Yes, if it’s on You Tube I’ll find it.

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Hi SB,
Here’s a, and it is in my YT Channel.

And you can subscribe, while you’re there.
Thank you!!!

Hi SB,
Here is my YT link":

Hi SB,
I sent you a different song, sorry.
I sent you my YT channel, and you can get to the song from there.
Thanks again.

Thanks, I listened to Tin Man and subscribed. Your voice and playing are very good. I also like the army of guitars in the background. I’ll check out more on YouTube. Do you also write music?

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Hi SB,
Thanks for the listen and the subscribe.
I write original music, and you can find them in my YT Channel as well.
The army of guitars are from my collecting through the years.
Thank again for the wonderful comments.

Stevie Wonder has some great songs; I have his Best of CD. Great guitar playing and singing per usual! And very nice audio quality! Same comments apply to your recordings of America and the ‘Blue Sky Day’ song!

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Hi Aaron,
Stevie is the Man!!!
Thanks for the great comments on America and Sedda’s songs as well!!!
Great to hear from you, as always,