Last Regret by Man from the Box

Last Regret by Man from the Box
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Hello everyone!

This is an old song that I had to mix again and improve the quality of it. Feel free to tell me what you think!



obviously pretty high quality all the way thru

nice song. Singing is similar to Dan Fogelberg. The bridge section almost reminded me a bit of a Cream/Jimi Hendrix vibe where they sort of take a nice left turn harmonically

In a certain sense the overall vibe of it is a little “dry” to my ears. Its sort of right in your face. I would have liked to hear more depth/ambience on the vocal for sure and definitely on the lead guitar. There is a lot of “space” in the song and I would have liked to hear maybe delay effects on the vox and lead guitar to fill in some of that space and add interest

The voice is somewhat warm sounding overall so i think it could have been Eq’ed etc to cut thru a little better on most of the song. At times it seems slightly lost in the overall instrumentation. Maybe could have used just a slightly louder overall vocal level too.

Maybe could have used a bit more percussion or just bring the overall drums up a bit. Maybe a bit more drum and a bit less of the acoustic guitars

Good stuff though, peace, JJ


Hi Lucas.

Not a fan of the organ and the viola panned left in at the beginning. I would center those then automate them back over to the left side if you want them there later in the mix.

Nice job with the acoustic instruments. Good balance of bright to dark, good use of compression imo.

At 30 seconds I think the sidestick and kick both sound weak. Too low in the mix and not detailed enough. Both overpowered by the keyboard panned too heavily in the right speaker. And think its too loud through the whole song.

At 1:30 where everything comes in, I think there’s way too much bottom snare. It has a lot of loose wet rattle, but not enough tight bulky pop and punch. I would see if I could put a little bit of that in, without loosing the overall character of the snare, which I think fits the song quite nicely.

In that middle section around 1:56, I think keyboard is still overpowering quite a bit. But the tone is nice and the part is well played. And if you can find a way to move the cymbals out of the way of the vocals I think it would help here. The pitch of the note is clear, but his enunciation gets lost in the cymbal crash.

Keyboard arpeggios at 2:54, still too loud. I guess turn the keys down overall and see where that leaves you. Maybe brighten the vocals just a bit at 2:50? I was wishing they were a little wider too.

If your artist would let you do it, I’d try parallel blending something like a shimmer verb or octave effect on that rhodes. I think it would also benefit from a delay tucked way back in the mix. If that’s a virtual instrument, is there a way to hear a little bit more of the attack of the mallet hitting the tines?


Hi I didn’t read the others. Don’t like the sustained organ in the start. Really like your voice. Like the guitars a lot. Beautiful song so far at one minute. ha ha solo tone is awesome. Great chord work at 1:54

Pink Floydish in a good way. At 2:47 might want that guitar down the middle? Hope you keep on tweaking from remarks and repost. Nice to meet you




thats really well done, well mixed everything sits clearly. no mud…the levels are really impressive.


I like the composition a lot, and it is well played and sung. The one suggestion I would make is to listen to the relationship of the instruments to the voice. For example, the acoustic guitar in the beginning is very well recorded, and sounds great, but when the voice comes in, the acoustic sounds much larger than the vocal. It’s both a level and eq issue, the vocal needs to definitely come up and have a little more weight, and the acoustic would be a touch lower in level. You need to make the voice sound bigger, not just louder, if that makes sense. That would bring out the nice interplay you have going on. If you notice how the first guitar solo stands out above the backdrop, that’s about where the vocal should be. Nice job, with a few tweaks it will be great.


Hi @Jon-Jon. I’ll test out your recommendations. Thank you!



Thank for the comments @Jonathan! I’ll work a bit more on that keyboard. Just a bit :slight_smile: And on the rest of your observations, of course



Thank you @feaker. I will tweak it a bit more :slight_smile: