Last nights gig mix 2

Another little mix of this .

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Oh, this is cool.

Listening on my Air, the balance is nice. The acoustic guitars are crisp but sound too thin to me. Need more low end? Maybe a little boost down there, or just less HPF.

Drums r nice.

Again, if I listen on my Sennheisers, maybe I’d feel differently.

Very fun song. Great mix.

Cheers,at least i know its translating pretty well as them airs are pretty good

I dunno, first listen sounds very cluttered and close mic’d, were there no room mics?

Cant remember now,just went to check but deleted the multi tracks now

drums are good, vocals are good, guitars in verse good. The opening guitar is twangy and edge in a brittle bad way to my ears.

Will have another look at this

prob worth it, i thought gtrs, bass, kick and snare, all sucked just a lil bit

The whole recording sucks lol

if the dummy in the room had JUST put 2, 4 or six mics in the damn ROOM, his shitty recording would have been saveable…oh well

obvs, he woulda have to be able to mixa live band too…