Last Christmas!

I had fun recording this soul-ish version of the 80s hit by Wham! My 9 year-old daughter is on lead vocals, me and my son on background vocals.

It’s kind of a quickie, it’s mostly for family & friends. I had to fill in a few gaps so I played a guitar solo but I’m clearly not a lead guitar player so that’s probably the weak link.

With that said, merry christmas to you all and happy recording!

I think the solo was nice… sparse and tasteful… sounds like it was a fun project! Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing it.

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I like the arrangement. The snare was a bit forward in my system

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This is great!

None years old, huh? Very cool. Great family project! You’ll relish this for years! Your grandkids will be listening to this every holiday season!

Have you guys done any others?

Thanks for sharing.

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sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

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Haha yes we’ve done this every year for a few years already. We’ve done Little drummer boy, Mele Kalikimaka, Let it snow, Oh holy night, and Jingle Bell Rock which has a video:

What a sweet little voice. And spot on. Did you have to pitch correct at all. My grandkids were all off a bit when they were small and I had to touch up the clunkers. Awesome high harmonies by you. Drinkin coffee and listening to this…aaaahhh…going to be a great day. This is “special”

Thanks my friend! No I didn’t have to do much about her pitch, it’s usually really good. I guess growing in a house full of music helps a lot. But what impressed me was how she managed to replicate the intricacies of the verses. Unlike most songs, there isn’t one melodic line that repeats from verse to verse in this one: each line is pretty much unique and some of them are quite hard to pick up with offbeats and other tricks.

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So good to get that interest sparked early on. She so does have talent. I taught my granddaughter Grace guitar at 12 and was pretty good in six months. She said she wanted to start recording some of her own thoughts. I was so excited and set up a recording studio for her. She made one song on her own from scratch and then lost total interest. That was two years ago. She is just now picking up the guitar again.

You never know what will happen with your granddaughter… Giving her the opportunity to make music and letting her know that you’re there to help in case she’s keen is really all you have to do. I never dragged my children into making music and I was a little disappointed but to my surprise, they are all starting to pick up music gradually now. My 15 yo son plays the piano several hours a day, I can’t believe how much he managed to teach himself.

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