Laid Back Blusey, Funky Instrumental

Here is something I’ve been working on for about 2 months. I wanted something more laidback in the verse and a more upbeat chorus to give it quite a bit of contrast.

How is this mix, production and guitar tone? Sometimes I feel like this is good and other times I listen to it and I hate it. Anyways, I’d appreciate any feedback.

Not to claim to be an expert on any of those things, Chandler, this sounded great to me! You have achieved a super classic ensemble sound and arrangement of lead guitar, drums, bass and organ. Stereo separation is superb; I hear each track very distinctly, combining into a clean and listenable mix.

What sticks out, and in a good way, are those guitar trills or whatever you call them throughout the song, like musical punctuation. The song is very ordinary in most ways, choosing not to be too jazzy or even bluesy, like Surfin’ with the Aliens, and yet somehow still very catchy, sort of automatically familiar. That is not easy to do I bet when you can play that good!

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Thanks, I’m glad it was an enjoyable listen.