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Just learned about this website from the Rick78 posting about “Violence was the Answer”. I thought his production was really good, but when visiting the Kompoz website I came across stuff that was mediocre at best.
Is there a trick to this?
Or is it just that I am do goddamned good that I’m better off doing everything myself?
Found one track that has some excellent sax added though…



I’ve played around a bit over there a few years back. It’s a fairly broad community so you’re going to find musicians of all levels and abilities ranging from novice to pro and everything in between.
I found the UI a little clunky, and you need a ‘pro’ subscription to be able to upload and share .wav files, but if you’re willing to spend a bit of time digging around, you’re gonna run into some pretty talented cats.


The trick is lots of patience. It’s been years since I’ve used kompoz, but I have found good people on there and got good stuff. You have to get good at telling people “that’s not really what I’m looking for” until you find what you actually are looking for.