Komplete 11

Oh well, I just feel for the Summer of Sound gambit and upgraded to Komplete 11.
(even though it’s a freezing winter here… even had a frost last night…)
The I also checked and learned I am allowed to run Komplete on two different computers. I am mainly interested in running Guitar Rig on the laptop, for my mobile production scenario…
See if I can get that going in the weekend…


I’m going for it. So are most of my friends. $200 for 11 ultimate? That’s just too good to pass up.

Wait, upgrading to Ultimate from Komplete 11 is $200?

Spent some time testing the India library last night - this was one reason I wanted to upgrade…


uh…no. That’s only $99 and it would technically be a downgrade lol.

I currently have K10U. My options are:

Komplete 10 Ultimate -> Komplete 11 = $99
Komplete 10 Ultimate -> Komplete 11 Ultimate = $200


I was waiting for NAMM to see if they released a K12U or something…but NI didn’t even bother setting up a booth here at NAMM.

Oh I thought there was some kind of discount when you already own Komplete 11 and you want to upgrade to Komplete 11 Ultimate. I don’t see how this would be a downgrade, though.