Komplete 11 Ultimate - First Impressions

Arrived this morning and took about an hour to install. There’s sooooo much stuff in here…I almost feel like you can’t even form a ‘first impression’ until you’ve used it for about a month.

The String Ensemble was a nice addition. Its pretty limited, but its easy to use. That library has been hurting for a higher quality string software for a little while.

This Strummed Acoustic was my favorite out of the batch of new stuff. The amount of time it takes to setup and mic a guitar vs reach over and click a strumming preset for a concept demo is pretty significant. I won’t use this in a pro production, but I’ll happily use it for concept demos. Nah…wait…I might end up using it. I don’t know! We’ll see!

I think this Emotive Strings is worthless. +1 for the GUI but what the hell are you supposed to do with it???

I’m not even sure what this does:

its some kind of synth. (As if they needed another one in this bundle?)

I wasn’t digging this:

But I’ll probably be really glad its in the library if I ever need some ‘think outside the box’ type piano sound. :slight_smile:

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