Klevgrand - have you tried their plugins

Klevgrand - have you tried their plugins


These guys came up on my radar lately and they just attract me. I have played with a couple of their products and so far i am liking. They have this one that they recently released which is a pretty good price right now.

Anyway just wondering what others feel about their plugins and if you havn’t heard of them before I think it is worth a look.


I’m curious about this one as well. It sounds like they’re approaching it in a new way, which is cool. Then I look at all my saturation/distortion/analog modeling plugins and wonder if I really new another one. I just got a couple of their freebie plugins but never use them because of the weird name - I can’t tell what they do. :slight_smile:


Yeah and I feel like I am getting their vibe but that doesn’t mean it is good.

same here. i really want to get it but I don’t need so i will wait. Their reverb is the one thing i wish i had snagged when it was on sale.

I got them as well and have played with them. I like them. The one is a cool vi synth thing, the other is a chorus phaser thing. Both are easy to grasp and dial in and fun to play with.


They have a sale on right now. I am thinking about trying out the reverb.


I’ve never tried their plugins, but their GUIs are super cool. I love the hybrid flat/3d look.


yeah i know right.