Keep your friends close in your heart (formerly unfinished wine and warts)

I tried to just update wine and warts, but not eraser was shown. Anyway, I added a chorus, drums, bass and a second verse. Might consider a bridge or acoustic solo

Wine and Warts

Keep your friends close in your heart

If ya don’t slow down you ain’t never… gonna get old G C D

Believe or not it’s what I have been told

By this ole toad…a friend of mine…it was last week…we shared some wine…

I liked him a lot he gave me warts …I’m taking penicillin C D G Em

But I’ll bring my own glass next time …and we still will be chillin C D G

Keep your friends close in your heart… show em that your love is there CGD G

Keep your friends close in your heart…and let em know… how much you care

I talk to strangers every chance I get…it’s interesting …the things you will get GCD

Look at me… sittin by myself…long side this pond…met my best friend yet

I like him a lot he gave me warts I’m done with penicillin

Maybe we just won’t drink this time. Maybe we’ll go swinnin.

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Love it! Totally reminds me of listening to Dr Demento on the radio as a kid :slight_smile:

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Cool, I think I like the soft & whimsical side of your songwriting best. This reminds me of reading “The Wind in the Willows” as a kid. Nice!

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Hi feaker,
I love the melody of this song.
And the message is what touched me most.
Your talent is overflowing, keep 'em coming.
Thank you.

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Thanks Rene. Any song I have, you are welcome to make your own. I have zero intensions of “getting them out there” peace love and friendly toads

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Hi feaker,
You are simply awesome.
And you are a very talented musician, and songwriter.
Doing a collab with you is the best thing I have from this forum, and thanks for your generosity!!!

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Trying to remember if I’ve heard you play harmonica before; it adds to the song. I play a teensy bit of harmonica, but I’ve only put it on one or two of my tunes. Per usual, your audio quality is very good. I like the way things are panned. Very nice song, and everything was well performed! :slight_smile:

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