Kane Guru, mix

Second mix of this one

I’m not even fixing your shit anymore… its that good. Let me know if you need anything. best vtr.

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Cheers mate

This is nice, Alan. Icould stand for the vox being a little louder, esp relative to the harmony.

The instruments are spot on. Perfect.

So, question for you: You’re kicking out a lot of nice mixes and doing them quickly. I’d love hear about your mix environment. Is your room treated? If so what did you do? Do you use headphoness? What do you do for monitors?

I ask cuz you describe yourself as a hobbyist who mainly does this for fun, but you’re getting some decent stuff! Any other tips you’ve found helpful?

So, good job man!

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Hi mate glad you like my work.Yes its a hobby at the moment but next year i might get a website etc.My room is treated,its only small room.I have bass traps in all corners and Acoustic panels covering most of the walls area .The same as the front wall behind the monitors .Thick big rug on the floor and some panels on the ceiling,its pretty dead sounding .Monitors i just use cheap Eris 5 monitors on stands and they seem to be translating great and big enough for this small room.Yes i mix in headphones sometimes, i use AKG 701s that i love and would never change.When i mix in headphones i use sonarworks and can opener that is a cross talk plugin .When i mix on phones the mixes turn out much the same as on monitors.Some say you cant mix on headphones but i certainly disagree on that.
As far as tips just do as many hours practice as poss,i do a crazy amount of hours in a week and have done for a few years now.There is no quick way .