Just when you thought you'd seen everything you can do with a strat!


Watch at 12:15

Shit…I had the 2 tone knobs removed from mine, and moved the volume knob to where the tone was so it was to get it out of the way when I palm mute. Awwww.

Not exactly the best way to treat your pickup switch, but cool nonetheless. Lol

You can get a similar effect on most any quitar by turning the tone knob as you play

Very cool - now, watch where he learned this lexicon of techniques

Or better still - watch the whole concert - IMO if you’re an electric guitarist and you haven’t watched and studied “Live At The El Mocombo” at least 10 times, then your guitar education is incomplete :grin:

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Come talk to me when he’s able to unclog his toilet with it. You could use the headstock to scoop, and make music by putting a mic on the strings as the poop slides down onto the floor.