Just put an EP out. It's been a bit of a journey

Just put an EP out. It's been a bit of a journey


So, I’ve released an EP. It’s the culmination of a looooooong project. I started writing the songs in the summer of 2015 when the Refugee Crisis hit the headlines in the UK - hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sub-Saharan Africa. I was struck by the contrast between the sheer strength of character and almost nobility of leaving your whole life behind to try to find a better place, and the squalid nature of the UK’s press, politicians, and social media discussions about migrants & refugees.

It’s been a labour of love. I did about 15 demos over that summer, and started recording the drums properly for the songs late that year. Guitar and vocal recordings went on until April 2016, then I started producing an album for an Italian mate and between that and my band gigging etc, this project was kind of put on the back burner and I didn’t finish mixing it until Jan 2017. Incidentally, at that point I put one of the tracks on here in the bash my mix section!

Then it kind of fell by the wayside because my band was having problems, and I was really trying to hold that together while also getting a little group together so I could play these solo songs live. And by mid-2017 I realised I wasn’t happy with the production of the album. So me and the drummer in my band booked a weekend in a recording studio and re-did the drums to 6 of the tracks.

My band continued to struggle on, so again I put this on the back burner, just recording & mixing it as and when I found time. And eventually in June this year, my band split up.

And at that point, I realised I had pretty much an album that divided neatly into two halves.

The first 6 tracks, taken from the songs I finished early 2017, were about the journey of a migrant across the people trafficking routes from sub-Saharan Africa, across the desert and then the Mediterranean into Europe. Despite the way I thought I could play, record, produce, sing and mix it better if I did it again, I also felt that it was the best I could do at the time and I should respect that. So I put it out early August this year;

The second 6 tracks, were ones I’d re-done starting with proper studio drum recordings last summer, and recording guitars, vocals and mixing through this year. Those 6 tracks were about how we saw Refugees in the UK. And I’ve put that EP out today;

So, there’s 3 years of my life in this. I think for the next one, I’m going to try to work a bit more quickly. :laughing:


Light Before the Dawn sounds good on my laptop speakers. I will listen to the others later.


Hi Al Horizoneer sound a bit like Journey or Styx or you know that era. ha ha Guitar work and singing are very good. Good stuff man…just a touch long for me.


Musical social/political commentary, great stuff!


Listening now. Great vocals, nice playing, well produced and a worthy subject. You should be proud! Well done.


Sounds really good. I’ll continue to drop in and take more listens. It’s best to judge the music after many listens. So far this gets a big :+1:


Just listening to “Every Headline” - really digging the passionate vocal performance and the vibe overall. Trying to think of who the vocals remind me of… it’s there somewhere - just can’t put my finger on it…


Let me know if you work it out. I always feel like I sound like a whining child. :rofl:


Same here! Josh has a very real and sincere quality to these performances that I really like.

Maybe Muse??