Just New Around here

Just New Around here


Does that mean you are full of the bull?



You got that right mate. Thanks.


Nice work! The neck almost looks like the frets are fanned a little, must be my astigmatism kicking in again. What kind of wood? I’ll check out the collab sound.


Good to have you here Harry. How’s it hangin’?
You’re going to enjoy it here.



Glad you found us. This is a good place to hang out while you’re healing.


Welcome Terry! Glad to have you with us. I was lucky enough to have a 3-year postdoc fellowship at Macquarie Uni in Sydney in the mid-90s, and loved my time there very much. Always glad to meet more Antipodeans!

Really like your luthiery on that guitar! Beautiful. I really admire anyone who can do work like that. :guitar:

Have fun here! :tada:


Nah, just a regular config with that fretboard ingolee. The body of that axe is Silkwood, also known as Queensland maple, the fingerboard is ebony on a rock maple neck, cheers.


Thanks Wicked.


What better therapy than music:wink:, cheers Terry.


That’s awesome Chordwainer. Thanks mate.