Just finished a song called come to me...demo

I pulled the track for a facelift. First attempt just wasn’t there.

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Nice, mellow song. I like the sound of the acoustic guitars.

Good to hear you sing in a lower register than you usually do. It brings a bit of a different flavour than usual.You almost sound like a different singer in those lower parts.

I think the best thing you could do for the song is to tighten up the timing issues. Get those vocals all moving together and watch that the music/ guitars/ bass are moving relatively in synch with the drums. You could either re-record the parts where there’s timing issues or you could possibly make some cuts in the wav form and move them into place. I would think that re-recording would be easier. I’m not sure if cutting the acoustic guitars and aligning them would work. You may get some artifacts in the spots where you slice/cut them. Before you re-record any instrument make sure you are very well rehearsed. Take your time preparing, don’t rush things. It’s worth it to get a good, tight performance.

The song sounds good, but it will sound even better if you fix the timing issues. Your music is worth the extra effort. Good stuff, Paul. :+1:

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Hi there Mr W. The way I look at it these days, it that a track is either ok or it is good. 95.7% of mine are Ok and I an OK with that. :slight_smile: This one is at best ok. Why is that. Because there is no planning in any element of the production. The whole song took an hour. I then walk away for a few hours and have a listen. In most cases I don’t even remember the lyrics or melody line that I came up with on the fly. It’s kinda like golf to me. Enjoy the moment and challenge and then move on. A hobby is so unlike a dream.
I recorded this with a click track (86). I later found a Studio one track and it synced to that bpm. I found out recently that my timing is much better with the drums because there is much more going on.
The intro sounds good when i hit the right accent notes all in one take. For some reason, i must choke, because they don’t come through clear. Then go back and play those single notes, but the timing is never right. Yes, for something to do this morning, I will go back and replay those rough areas and re-sing a few parts too. would like to tidy it up before the next song jumps in my head.
Thank for taking the time…peace to you :slight_smile:

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