Just finished a song about staying home thru all of this

thanks all…I put a funky ending on it

Things are tough

Don’t think you’re special. Don’t be a fool. Stay in your house. Just be cool

Got me my TV…snack tray…CD’s …bullshit on facebook…everything is alright

Things are tough but you gotta keep goin. Everybody’s in the same mess
Things are tough. Ya gotta stay home. For the greater good of the rest

Got me a good wife…nice home…nuff food…laid back feel good…everything is alright

If you’re tempted to go out then you’d better think twice
Bring this to your family just wouldn’t be nice
Get this foolish notion spinnin round in your head
Better get it straight or you will end up dead

Things are tough but you gotta keep goin. Everybody’s in the same mess
Things are tough. Ya gotta stay home. For the greater good of the rest


I dig it.

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All right, rockin’ the virus, I like it. Good sound, leads, drums, nothing to pick on here. I’d like to hear an extended jam to close it out though, you could bring it down and then back up, you know. give us the LP version?

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Hey Ingo. Hope you are well. Yeah, this song was just somethin to do to pass the time. I don’t like the way it ended especially at the two minute mark. I can go back now and flip it around a bit. just fun playin my guitars, singin, and mixing. thanks

Good one Paul - I was waiting for the big jam-out ending. Nicely done!

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And nice to hear another tune. I liked the guitar soling along i back there.

I’m still chuckling about your “outing” to your brother’s house you put on the other thread. You’re a hoot!

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Hi…send me that lead ending in C diminishing or whatever I was doing:) thanks for the listen. Days go by faster with an on going project:)

Hi Mike I just started playing different stuff and throwing them in different places. As far as the other post about my brother, that’s the stuff I dream up daily. Best to you and stay safe

I like it, dude! I have a mentally challenged 33 year old child whose birthday is tomorrow and is having a hard time understanding this. Maybe she should hear this song, but there are people out there who still aren’t taking it seriously.

I got my first drive through frozen margaritas Friday, which I hope continues after all this blows over. About the only positive thing! That is another song for sure.

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I can almost hear , “War children! It’s just a shot away, it’s just a shot away”, during the verse.

Fun tune!

Hi W Yeah, I hear It now too. ha ha I never finished this track. Just a splash in the pan. Went on to a new one. As different and weird as I have ever done. thanks for the listen. liked your song a ton

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Thank you for the review! Now your song: BS on FB? That made me laugh in a good way. I found some of the other lyrics amusing too. I made a quarantine song also, but it will be a long time before I go public with it. feaker goes back electric! This song put me in a better mood than a few minutes ago. I like it! Nice audio quality per usual. Don’t end up dead man! :wink: Fee Fi Fo Fum man! I like all of the melodies. :slight_smile: