Just a short piece I made to test out my 7 string tones


Feel free to rip on this. I was trying to employ my newest guitar, which is a 7-string guitar (Schecter C-7 Hellraiser FR Sustainiac). I’m not yet used to the 7-string feel, but practice helps. Anyway, it’s short and sweet…mainly to get some inspiration going for me on tone and melody. Thanks in advance for you checker-outers.




I like the piece. Can’t comment on sound quality because I’m listening on my phone.

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im scared to get one. life is too complicated already

nice tones though

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Hey, cool inspiration.
The distorted guitar sounds really spot on whereas the arpeggio one sounds weak or poorly micked… but it could be what you’re looking for.

Nice recording by the way!

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Hey CJ - sounds great! Looking forward to the finished productl

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sounding good to me.

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Great sound. I hear something wrong that is found at 6 seconds and repeats…tune???


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Yep. The tuning is a tad sharp on that low string. I need to go back and fix that. Plus, the timing on the performance of that clean riff is a little bit off. I mess with it tonight and fix those issues, cause it does bug me. Lol.

Thanks! Coming up tonight after work.

I was too! Still am. :roll_eyes:

I like the melody, and the tone reminds me a bit of Satriani. Nothing wrong with the clean tone either, certainly a usable starting point. Good to see you here.

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Thanks Styles! Good to see you too.

I feel like the clean tone could use more work. It doesn’t sound bad, but it does sound like you are fumbling with it a bit, and the low notes feel less beefy than the higher notes. The rest sounds great. What are you using for a reference on the clean tones?

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Sorry for my tardy reponse(s) and my lack of an update. I’ll mess with this tonight (I hope) and tighten things up. To answrr your question Boz, my source for the clean tone is Peavey Revalver 4 with a profile I made from the clean tone pulled from “The Thing That Should Not Be” from Metallica’s …“and Justice” album. I’ll tweak that a little too and see if I can get a better tone.

Hey @Metaltyme! Its been a while. I’m lovin it! vibe is so dark. Great lead tone on the right channel. Great drum sound! I’m itching to hear some chugs :guitar::guitar::guitar: BTW what did you use for the lead tone and for the drums? I hope you could fill me in.

What’s really strange is, when you are adjusted to a 7string, and play on it for several years, its very weird to go back to 6 as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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thats where your living room acoustic guitar comes into play :wink:

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Don’t have one :disappointed_relieved:

Its on my list though !