Joy To The World (Rock Cover)

Here’s a cover of Joy To The World that I recorded on my Roland VS-2480 multitrack recording machine.

Thanks for the bash !


I love this!! Vocal is perfect man, I love the harmonies and how tight they sound.

I like the different guitar parts on each side and how they work so well. I religiously double track rhythm guitars on everything, maybe it’s time for a bit of variation.

I would have gone for a more compressed drum and less mid-focused guitars. Otherwise, great cover man!!

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Thanks for your comments!

I almost always double my rhythm guitar parts too.

I just pulled up WAV files for this song to see how many guitar tracks I recorded. I was expecting to see 2 or 3 tracks but I actually have 5 guitar tracks. There’s a total of 3 guitar parts. Guitar 1 is doubled (total of 2 tracks). Guitar 2 is doubled (total of 2 tracks) and then there is Guitar 3 (Not doubled).

First thing first: you meant you recorded using your Roland device. Does the mix is also come from it?

As @JonniKELANA, vocals are the best part to me.
I would like to get some more guitar attack sound (a bit more hi end maybe)
I don’t want to copy previous comment but I agree with it.

Very nice song and recording, it works well together I think.

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I’ve been looking back into my files to see if this song was mixed on my Roland VS-2480 or on my laptop with REAPER). I can’t find the Reaper Project for this song, so I’m assuming it was mixed on the Roland. BUT, I am not absolutely certain of that…

I remember using a Waves CLA plugin on the snare and kick drums of 2 of my Christmas song covers (We Wish You A Merry Christmas and The Twelve Days Of Christmas). So those 2 songs must have been mixed in Reaper…and yet I can’t find those projects in my Reaper Projects List. Maybe I put the full projects on an external hard drive. I never delete any of my files, recordings or mixes. I did find the individual files on my laptop but I don’t have any Reaper Projects with those Christmas songs…except Silent Night. :thinking: I’m a bit perplexed !

I’ll have to check my external hard drives to see if there’s any Reaper Projects of those Christmas songs.

Yes, I tend to agree. The guitar needs more attack and bite.

Thanks for your comments!

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Instrumentally, sounds somewhat repetitive at times. Other than that, it sounds good! Vocals are good. Still kind of funny for me to hear a punkish Christmas song, but better than singing about anarchy. You kind of remind me of Bowling For Soup; not a bad thing. Rock on!

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Yeah, it’s not too rebellious. The Sex Pistols would probably change the lyrics to make it ant-Christmas. Maybe a few curse words would liven things up ! :smile:

Thanks for listening and commenting @aaron_aardvark !