Jordan Rudess Keyfest 2017

If I could afford to go and I lived near New York and if I could even play keys, I’d be all over this… If I had time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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HAHA!! $900 to camp in a tent…Camping equipment and alcohol not provided ROFL.

$2000 for a hotel room? Wow. And those are sold out? Huh. Interesting.

This is not an outrageous price IMO… Steve Earle does something similar, Camp Copperhead at the Full Moon Resort not far from Woodstock. In that case there is a range of options, from tent camping up through shared rooms, private rooms, and cabins, but the basic tent price (BYO gear & alcohol) is $1300 for the four day event (almost $3K for the top of the line package). Meals and non-alcoholic bev is provided though. If this happened at a time I could get away I’d jump at the chance to have all this time working closely with one of the greatest American songwriters who ever lived…!

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Yeah for someone so high profile and in demand i think those prices are ok.
Like hustler if i was in the area and had the cash…

Aaaaaaaah. I clicked really quick when I was backstage at a church. Now that I’m at home, on a computer, and have a proper chance to look again, I see what’s going on.

So…$900 is four CONTINUOUS days with meals included. No. Thats not bad at all.