Jingle Bells Cover

Hey gang, I’m looking to get a critique on the mix, playing, and anything else you want to bash.

Bash as hard as you like. Please!


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Disclaimer: I hate christmas music and I want to say ahhh noooo.

For a chistmas it is sounding good. Maybe the vocal is a little too pinched. although it does fit the genre.

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Ha ha this fun. It is a toe tapper for sure. Almost sounds live. Like the rock guitars. Like that crazy break around 1:47 It would be cool somewhere to do a little more stuttering. would be nice to put your own crazy bridge in there to break it up a little. Maybe a short little lead in to start the track. My fav is the peppiness…if there is such a word



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AAAAGGGHHH! So wholesome! CAN’T TAKE IT! What I can say is that this is sounding pretty dark, liven it up with a high-shelf on the bus, or go back in and add some to taste of all the tracks, watch the low mid buildup on the drums. I’d like more reverb, but that’s an opinion thing. Loving you…CPF!

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I’d try adding a high shelf to that kick, or at minimum a 4-5k boost, and possibly pull 800 a bit for that style of music. The snare’s a little dry…I like how you kept it tight, but if there was a little bit more grit and possibly some room verb (short tail, emphasis on early reflections) I think it could help it come alive. I like the 175-300 bulk in the snare though.

In the parts where its drums only, I would have liked to heard double eighths on the kick. I don’t know if those were sample or live though…may be too late to change.

Overall, this is a hilariously funny track. Loved it. Thanks for posting!!!

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By “pinched”, do you mean “small”, “quiet”, “compressed”, or do you mean something else? Just looking for clarification. Thanks

Yeah, I initially wanted to include a guitar lead, but I changed my mind because I filled up most of the song with vocals. I recorded other Christmas songs in which I wanted to add guitar leads/ embellishments but I still haven’t added that icing to the cake yet because I’m trying to finish this project soon.

Haha, yeah I think that word exists.

Thanks Paul

I’m a wholesome guy.:cowboy_hat_face:

Didn’t you just say this sounds “wholesome”? Now you say it sounds “dark”! Man, you’re confusing!:grinning::wink:

Hmm, I am kind of surprised you think it sounds dark. I thought it might be too bright sounding. Maybe I will reference it with a “metal” Christmas album to double check. You may very well be correct. At what frequency would you suggest using the high shelf?

Yeah, I was thinking the same.

Yeah, that might bring out the clarity and snap.
I recorded this song with a “hard rock”, “metal” vibe in mind, but the drum and bass groove I went with makes it sound a little bit country-metal.

Yeah, the snare is kind of dry sounding. Initially, I tried putting more reverb on the snare but I could only seem to hear it when the other instruments stopped playing and it seemed to clutter my mix, so I pulled the verb back quite a bit. I’ll try adding some again with your suggestions in mind.

I played live, acoustic drums.
I agree, those parts would benefit from a few extra drum fills. Double kicks would probably work there.

So, it’s not just me that finds this rendition funny? :joy:

Very cool, Xmas on amphetamines! Yeah, needs a little ambience, maybe a patented VH dive bomb intro? I hate Xmas but you’ve made it easier, thanks!

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Ah, that would be a good name for a hard rock/ metal Christmas album!
Nothing says Christmas like metal and dive bombs. :+1: I’ll have to slip a dive bomb into a few of the Christmas songs I’m working on. Thanks!

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It is a combination of the way that it is sung and that it seems that the vocal consists of mostly the 2k region and the rest is lost in the mix. Like I said it suits the genre and it is a taste thing.

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Ahh, I understand what you mean. Yeah, I almost always try to make the vocals cut through between 2kz and 3kz when the song has heavily overdriven, loud guitars. The heavy guitars tend to swallow the vocal, so that is part of my strategy to keep both the vocal and guitars upfront in the mix. Thanks for clarifying.

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Sweet harmony on the break!

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Thank you for the reviews! This was the most recent thread of yours that I could find. Your version kind of reminds me of The Bare Naked Ladies (the band!). Has kind of a quirky pop punk/alternative vibe; I like it! The singing is good, and instrumentally everyone is playing very well. Audio quality is very good. Nothing to gripe about. Good job! What state or country are you from? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your comments Aaron. Much appreciated!

I’m from the land of The Bare Naked Ladies and RUSH, :slight_smile: Canada

I think it was the early 70’s, and I was staying at a hotel (mostly huts with no TV, air conditioning, or telephone) in Maui. By chance, Pierre Trudeau stayed in a nearby hut (they specially wired it up for phone service). They had a few security guards/secret service around the hut, trying to look inconspicuous, while wearing suits (people rarely wear suits in Maui). Trudeau ended up busting the diving-board at the Maui-shaped pool!

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A truly festive cover, @Wicked. I did a cover of Jingle Bells years ago, but yours is much cooler. I think you used all the verses from the original song. Very cool again. You’ve succeeded in fusing christmas and country and rock as perhaps only a Canadian could.

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Thanks Steban!