JHud Studio plugins now FREE

Some new FREEBIES I just ran across…

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Quite a few plugins there. I just tried Vocal King to start with. You have to download the files and then the free license file. License file needs to be loaded from the plugin GUI, creates its own Documents folder (JHudStudio) for the license. No manual with this, just some info on that webpage and when you click the Updated Info button on the webpage. No installer either, just plugin files.

I haven’t actually used it on anything yet, it seems like an odd but interesting design. No presets. I’ll just have to put it through the paces.

I haven’t tried it out yet either, but a guy over on the CW forum said it is really great on vocals. To each his own - it’s certainly cheap to try out. :wink:

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I kind of figured that, especially by the name. :slightly_smiling_face: But the documentation also says it can be used effectively on about anything, and has a special recommended tweak for drums and bass. It’s an odd plugin though, takes some getting used to. I played with it a little bit, but nothing conclusive yet. Kind of Rubix Cube type thing, challenging to try to figure out. :drooling_face:

Very cool. Thanks for sharing.