Jet Wings Cover

Just a cover ive been working on my take on Wings Jet
Would like some fine tweaking ideas from the you guys or any other suggestions


Nice one Paul! Just listening on my crud speakers at work - very cool! I reckon add a big repeating echo on the word “JET” - maybe 8th or 16th notes… that’s about all I’ve got at the moment - have another listen when I get home.

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I like this a lot! It’s hard to not compare it to the original, and your version is very similar in some ways, though your voice is quite different than Paul’s. I just had one listen so far, and thought the mix is pretty decent.

One thing I might suggest is to make the vocals just a bit drier and more up front. Maybe that’s a comparison to the original too, as I think Paul’s vocals were quite up front on it. Earlier in the song especially, the lead and background vocals seemed low or washed out a bit from reverb. I think it got better as the song went on, but I think you can bring this up a step by really getting the vocals to shine more without drowning out the instrumentation - which is quite good IMO. If you could do some more backing vocals on the bridge (1:35-1:56), that would be really cool.

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cool man thanks for the ideas reup with yours and Stans suggestions.

Listening on my studio speakers now…Man, this sounds great! I love the energy of the track. The “Immigrant Song”-style kick drum pattern really notches up the excitement factor.

A couple of things:

  • I think the vocal is too dry in the second version, but also too indistinct in the first. I hate to be a “Goldilocks”, but somewhere in between would be good. Another thing I’m hearing is a LOT of low end and muddiness in the reverb on the first version. Try soloing your verb send and eq’ing out the lows and muddiness, and you’ll find the vocal will jump forward, even with a fair bit of reverb on it.

  • The drums seem a little disconnected from the mix somehow. Maybe it’s a level thing and they need to be tucked in a bit more, or maybe they just need a little more ambience to set them back behind the other elements; maybe a little of both…

Killer version!

Cheers mate I do appreciate the feedback once again all great suggestions reup.

Great job, it takes a lot to emulate all the vocal textures McCartney puts into this song. The drum track has great propulsion and a ton of energy, and all the instrumentation is very well done.
As for suggestions, I think you could add some thickness to the lead vocal with some parallel compression on a duped track with some distortion added, just barely there to fatten it up. I think the voice in the original is really pushed, and yours has more drive in the instrumentation, so a little thickness can be added.
One tiny nitpick that caught my ear: when you sing “Much Later” at the end of the bridge, it sounds like the lead voice takes the lower harmony when it seems like should be the higher one. I could be wrong on that, but you could easily add in a part above the lower voice if you’d like. Cool song to cover, really well done.

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Sounding good. I find the snare is overpowering the vocals a bit.

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Hey man thanks I like the duped track suggestion and Gave it a go reup with your suggestion cheers.

Big lift on the voice nice job!

The latest mix sounds great on my cheap speakers at work! :+1:

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Yes, sounding really good! What is that high-pitched sound on the left side? It happens only during the loud parts, and sounds intentional like a high-pitched fast-tempo Moog synth or something. Is that to create interest? I’m really curious what that is and why you’re using it. Oh, also it sounds like the lead vocal is leaning left of center too.

hey man the sound is from a vintage Kawai K5 work station, and yes hopefully creating a vibe sonically
and thanks for pointing out the vocal it was a plugin the was causing that problem totally missed it myself.

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You’re welcome. We couldn’t have that Jet flying sideways now, could we? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree, this is an excellent version! In fact I like it better than the original-- but to be fair, I have never been much of a fan of McCartney’s solo work, so that’s not a super high bar to clear! But I would choose to listen to this over the original every time, that’s for sure.

Listening only to the fourth version. Only comment is that the vox is still a bit dry to my ears, at least until the last minute or so, when I can just pick up the verb. That’d be my only suggested tweak, but it’s clearly a matter of taste.

Very nice work! :+1:

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Same here. I dig those drums.

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Hey, only listening to the lastest mix.

I really like the vocal and the reverb on it that gives a “liveshow” flavor, very appropriate for that song I found.
Guitars have great tone and match the song pretty well I think.

A couple things I’m not very keen on:

  • I found that there is way too much bass guitar (and low end) on the track that covers the whole song nearly everywhere…
  • I also found the mix very mono-ish and I expected this wide stereo effect coming from guitar power chords.

By the way, really cool work, I really like it!