Jet B Suit You mix

Jet B Suit You mix
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Hello IRD, This is a song by Jet B that I found over at the Cambridge site. Overall the tracks weren’t too bad, but I had some problems with the bass and drums sounds. I got them the best I could so let me know what you think.
If you have time leave a comment and thanks for the listen.

Help, let's talk Mic bleed

This is sounding really good @Jerze! All the instruments are discernible, and I am not hearing any glaring frequency issues. Things seem to sit well with each other.

The one issue I had was that in much of the tune the rhythm guitar on the right is not well balanced with other elements. I’m bashing on my AKG cans, and during those sections the mix is very “right-heavy” as a consequence. Perhaps this is because of having those fill leads going at the same time as the lead vox (not a choice I would make)? I like how it sounds in the final 40 seconds or so a lot better. That’s about the only suggestion I have for revising it.


Holy cow is this good. Nice clear vocal. Love that crazy riff. ha ha This sounds like Styx on speed. ha ha Love when you nail that high note. What are you using for drums?? Great work and congrats




Thanks for the listen @Chordwainer .I was trying to find a balance between that lead part and the power chords that came in next.I will have another listen tho.also I’m not to sure about the Fx on the vocals either they are bugging me a little bit after another listen its always something…


Hi paul,This is not my song just something i was mixing for fun.As for the drums not to sure what they used ,but it was a drum program.

If you are ever in the mood to mix a song head over to
They have a variety of styles to chose from.


The musical mix on this sounds very good, nothing but a few personal taste issues for me.

What makes this a difficult listen for me is the vocal - the pitching is a bit all over the place - at times it seems very good (in the choruses); other times it’s very sour (the first few notes of each verse).

It seems it’s the low notes in particular, need a lot of attention. To me, it sounds like they are a little too low for the singer’s range - to be sung comfortably, at least - and the singer doesn’t support them with enough air, causing the pitch to go awry. It doesn’t help that the lack of breath support also causes a less-than-appealing timbre in the vocal as well.

Apart from the obvious course of tuning the vocal to the correct note, another tactic to perhaps disguise the unnatractiveness of the low vocal timbre is to make it deliberately ugly - a distorted/telephone effect or similar is probably what I would reach for.