Japanese Rappers

Groovy people are there any or does anyone know of rappers, who rap in Japanese. I am working on a song and I need the assistance of a rapper who can kick ass rap in his native tongue.

Thanks in advance for any info,


Good luck hunting on this one.

I’ve never even met a rapper who speaks Japanese. Hell, my state film commission (South Carolina) couldn’t even find me a voice actor who speaks Japanese. I’m sure there’s plenty out there…I just have no clue where they’d be.

lol…need a classical pianist who speaks Japanese? No problem. Rappers - different story :wink:

…Thinking about this some more - That would be a pretty wild and bizarre track. Please do post a copy of your mix if you do end up managing to find someone!

…if you have even a tiny budget to pay someone for this, I would consider posting it on the Avid freelance jobs forum. I would even put it in the music/sound/audio portion of some video game sites. Mainly because of the demographic of users in both. Maybe post it on MusicMatch USA as well.

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Thank you for tips, good idea. I have had this idea for what seems like ages and since my roots are Scottish, it is gonna be at least different if nothing else, ha ha ha

Thanks for your reaction