Jamestoffee entrance 1 & 1ly

Al wrote a love song with passion, so I tried to keep the energy high to match the emotion.

Thanks for sharing, Al.

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When i listen to this i am seeing people in a garage instruments plugged in and turned right up, playing their little hearts out. I think that is what you were going for so well done. For me it is a little too intense the whole time but that is a personal choice. I am wondering if technically there is a little more distortion caused by hitting the limiter too hard.


I kind of like the chorus effect on the guitar melody in the beginning…I’m not absolutely certain just yet but it seems like a good choice after just a quick listen. :+1:

One thing I’ve been wanting to mention about this recording is that the vocals are almost unbearable for me to listen to…They need to be tuned. They are so badly out of tune that they ruin the song. I’m surprised that nobody has emphasized this yet.

The biggest and most obvious fix for this song is to tune those vocals. They don’t have to be perfect but they have to be somewhat in key. So far there has been only one guy who has tuned the vocals. Unless the vocals are repaired I can barely tolerate sitting through another listen of this song in order to evaluate the mix.

I really like the vibe, but I’ll agree about the vocals with @Wicked. They warble - almost like there was a auto tune added to them? One thing I really loved - when the backing vocals come you’ve created a choir effect - I love that. It’s something I’m going to try and do in my future mixes.

I love the saturation of the instruments, but I think it goes too far at points, as in it gets distorted and that takes away from the song for me. Good effort, and definitely things I’m going to try out in my future mixes.

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Thanks, all, for the feedback so far.

Yes, that was my interpretation as well.

Yes, there was. I thought the push made the sound “edgy”

Yes, when I heard the track, I knew immediately I wanted to add the Guitar Rig 5 “Black Sun Garden” effect.

I tried to add a touch of tuning with Waves Tune Real Time, but I was also thinking the “pitch variation” gave the song character, and probably sounded good the singers, so even though I could have run all the vocals through melodyne, I didn’t.

That was my first time to try Antares Harmony Engine “chord degrees” setting

Here is a run down of the plugins I used on the different tracks:

Main vocal
Waves Tune Real time
Smart EQ2
Waves JJP Vocals
Waves Aphex Vintage
Nectar 3 elements

Added track copy of main vocal (for chorus only)
Waves Tune Real time
Waves RCompressor
Antares Harmony Engine “chord degrees” setting

Background vocals and harmonies
Waves Tune Real time

Bus mix Background vocals and harmonies vocals
Waves Rcompressor
EZMix “Airy Background Vocals”

Melody riff (intro only)
Renaissance Axx
Guitar Rig 5 “Black Sun Garden”

Bus mix guitars
Boz Width Knob

CLA Bass

Waves RDeEsser
Waves Sheps omni channel

Boz Mongoose
EZMix “Parallel Compression”
Ozone Elements 8
Lurssen Mastering Console


Hi Jamestofee,

I can hear a lot of good psychedelic ideas here.
This mix could inspire me a lot (especially your excellent backing vocals).

However I think you overprocessed this one, and it narrowed the imaging and depth.

See you!

Thanks for the feedback, 974dB.

Thanks for participating!

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I liked the vocals mixing in the chorus!

Didn’t like the chorus effect at the start of the song.

There’s a nasty distortion in the center, looks like the bass…


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Yo I love the back-up vox, and the chorus effect on the intro lead is pretty cool too. But, I would love this mix if it wasn’t so aggressively processed. You can hear it distorting like every plugin you used. You can still totally get the grit with it distorting like this. It might be the par comp on your master. What’s the logic behind your master chain?

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Thanks for the feedback, evildrumology.

After my first version, I was only planning to use a DeEsser on the drums and the sound was nowhere near as distorted, but then a started playing around with my “new toys”

Boz Mongoose -gets the lows to sit in the middle
EZMix “Parallel Compression”- spread out other frequencies
Ozone Elements 8- adding an overall frequency curve (this was one mistake when I choose CD eq instead of Internet / streaming eq)
Lurssen Mastering Console- adding a character styles (I think this is where I went wrong in choosing an aggressive instead of mild setting).

hmm, you might want to try some other kind of ms processing after the mongoose, parallel compression doesn’t really spread frequencies, its typically used to add punch. I’d also suggest not using the Lurssen and instead splitting the job amongst a few compressors and a limiter so that so you can still get huge and loud but with more transparency.

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