J Rockett Audio Announcement

I may be releasing this info sooner than they wanted me too, but it’s too cool not to share. J Rockett has been up to some cool stuff this year already. Just received this from them a bit ago announcing the IQ Compressor.
Cool for guitar. Probably stellar on bass. I could see this being a fun outboard comp too.

J Rockett I.Q. Compressor

IQ = Compressor into the 6 band EQ.
EQ is a 6 band EQ with each capable of 18dB of Boost or Cut
Each EQ Band defined:

  • Band 1 - 100 Hz
  • Band 2 - 200 Hz
  • Band 3 - 400 Hz
  • Band 4 - 800 Hz
  • Band 5 - 1.5K
  • Band 6 - 3.2K

You can alter the compression balance throughout all fader frequencies Which creates either more squish or jangle depending upon preference. Extremely versitile!

If anyone is interested, let me know. I can actually take pre-orders on this now through the shop.

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First Impression.
They got ALL the frequencies wrong.

I only thought about it for 30 seconds, so not very scientific, just initial impression, but …
it COULD have been 50-60, 110-120. 240-260. 500-550. 1kHz -2kHz. 3kHz - 4Hz. 6KHz -8kHz. 12kHz - 16kHz.

Just a random thought. :slight_smile: Any other opinions?