Izotope Nectar Elements free

There’s a Japanese audio website giving Izotope Nectar Elements serial numbers. It seems legit.

I got one and registered.


EDIT: It didn’t work for me initially (said my serial number was invalid). If anyone has the same issue, you can’t cut and paste the serial number from the email, you have to type it in, then it will work!

Seems legit. I saw several other places promoting this. Currently installing another plug in I don’‘t need now (after Boz’ Big Clipper, which I DO need!)

Thanks for the heads up. Here is a YT clip to help anyone finding the process tricky.

I don’t know why or how, but I got the plugin working in my DAW without even having entered the serial number. This doesn’t make sense :thinking:…but I guess I shouldn’t complain. :partying_face:

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