Izotope 8 deadly latency on Studio One v.2.5

Izotope 8 deadly latency on Studio One v.2.5


Hey all,
needed to add some spice to my master bus so got Ozone 8 and it looks like it is bringing my system to its knees. It’s sucking between 60 to 100% CPU power. It is 8 core i7 2 Gzh each. Don’t have this issue with other processors. Interestingly enough when I apply the patch and save, the artifacts that show during monitoring disappear. Also when the plugin is open on the screen seems to draw more juice.
Only way this is tolerable is when I move latency all the way up and still that is barely passable.
Any suggestions for speed improvement?
At this stage it doesn’t seem likely I can get a new PC, my RAM is also maxxed out at 8gigs. All other plugins behave fine.


If the plugin is drawing more juice when the window is visible, it sounds like it’s the graphics that are causing issues. Is there a way in ozone to slow down the meter refresh rate or anything?


Yeah, there is…still experimenting. Doesn’t seem to do much, as long as you’re getting graphics :slight_smile:
I am surprised on how shoddy they’ve done this, not what I remember their products by. This particular version (Ozone 8) has so many gimmicky fancy graphics and screen renderings that even without the hiccups it is annoying.


Jump ship to Waves Abbey Road ?


Not touching anything Waves ever. Can’t stand their validation techniques. Did have some awful problems with their stuff earlier when I worked in commercial studio.

Honestly, I have an older version of Ozone that came as part of Sound Forge that works flawless.
I just wanted to update it, now I regret paying the $100 price tag for it as its virtually useless.

I’ll try it on another PC just in case. It looks like the graphics are really bringing the system to its knees.


Seemed pretty painless to me. I got the Scheps mastering plugin (excellent btw) on trial and the license validation stuff (Waves Central) was already installed by then.

Im not sure there is an easier way?


I had the same experience some years ago, but things seem to be better now. I have some resistance to these centralized installer thingies, but getting past that I’m finding they are improving. Waves Central actually does a pretty good job I think, and seems fairly painless. And they don’t have an iLok requirement anymore if that was an obstacle. One thing I don’t like is you have no control where it installs WaveShell, but that’s a fairly minor issue IMO.


Moving the GPU rendering to minimum seems to have fixed this. I even managed to “master” my Mike Portnoy song challenge.

In case interested:

I’ve spent enough $$$ on software as of now so I guess I’ll just have do with Ozone. Am I happy enough with my purchase? Not really…it is barely manageable at this point. Maybe on a single WAV file it will do better in a mastering program, if I load it in say Sound Forge. I’ll see.