I've NEVER heard reverb like this! BEAUTIFUL!

I've NEVER heard reverb like this! BEAUTIFUL!


Someone on the Waves Facebook group said “Imagine if she discovered reverb plugins” Ha!

Dude! Imagine if you stuck a stereo AKG C24 four feet down that hole and hit the record button!


Plugins? We don’t need to stinkin’ plugins! I don’t want to hijack your thread, but here’s another creative non-plugin reverb.


Skip all those physically modeled things. There could be a job making IR for reverb plugins traveling around the world recording the sound from old wells.


More like 4’ up, that mic would explode in there!


You could save all the kids that fall in them too, double win!


Isn’t that what altiverb does?


I made a reverb out of a slinky and tin cans last year. I wish I would have done a stereo version.