It's True, original tune

This is an original inspired by my Ensoniq VFX synth. I recorded and played everything, and my wife sang on it.

Definitely have my own opinions after not listening for a month or so, but just wanted to post it here so I could see what this category is all about, and so you could help me along, as I am way too close to the project anyway. Hit me with it.

I use an Apollo twin, and I just got a 6176 recently so thats what most of it is recorded through ha.


Groovy tune. I notice that the guitar seems to stand out a little. My first thought was that it seemed like the guitar maybe a touch to loud or that it has a different feel to it than all the other parts of the song. Not that you shouldn’t have the guitar, or that its the wrong guitar sound, but like as if you copied it from another song and pasted it into this song. It just stuck me as not matching in the sound, just briefly when it first jumps in. It’s a catchy tune and your wife has a wonderful tone to her voice.

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Very cool, good job!

Lead vocal needs to be much thinner in my opinion - especially since it is double tracked. Personally I would crank up that high pass filter until it becomes almost painful. Think telephone.


Both distorted and clean? Thanks!

Nice thanks will try

When the very first rip comes in, in between the vocals, it just struck me as standing out in some way. Not really sure how to pinpoint it. And of course I am listening to find things, the average person would probably not notice this at all. I will listen again and see if I can figure out what it sounds like.

Edit. It sounds fine now, at the 50 second point, I think it was just louder to me.

I do think youre on to something, the cleans were the last thing added… maybe some modulation would make it more of that 80s style

This has a cool groove. I would say that there is a little too much separation of the instruments and the vocals. We want the vocal to stand out but we also want it to feel cohesive with the music. Could be helped by bringing the vocals down a touch, maybe sharing a reverb or delay send. Or sending the vocal and some instruments to a bus with some heavy compression and than blending some of that into the mix with some reverb to create a sort of room feel. Or maybe there is something else that catches your fancy. Thanks for sharing.

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that was a great idea, worked well. Thanks!

Interesting song. What genre would you call this? Not that it’s crucial, but I hear numerous different elements in there.

It seems pretty repetitive TBH, but there are cool sounds in there. It’s ‘catchy’ which is a plus. Your wife’s voice and the synth/guitar kind of reminds me of the band Missing Persons from the early 80’s, which is intended as a compliment.

As a reference (though yours is much mellower and slower tempo):


Hi Taylor - Really cool track! The more I listen the more I like it. Very clever arrangement too. I love the way those distorted parts underpin the chorus.

Everything sounds pretty excellent to me. Adrian’s @AJ113 suggestion about HPF on the LV might be worth trying, especially as an alternative vocal texture in the chorus. Lots of lows and highs in the vocal tends to make the vocal sound “big” in proportion to the instrumental backing, and there more of a feeling of intimacy. That feeling works really well in the verse, but making the vocal a little “smaller” by using the HPF in the chorus may help the chorus feel even more powerful.

My suggestion would be to think about adding some automated reverb/delay/FX “moments” as kind of “ear candy” to enhance the emotion and create some development and movement. For eg. in the spaces between the vocal phrases in the second verse, some delay throws or other interesting FX would really keep interest going.

Good stuff! :+1:

Ok so far love her voice and that bass:) Completely different vibe that is workin for me. I’ve seen you change again was sung so well. Great fills for sure. Broke my heart in two gets a little long in places tho. So glad to see some original work again here on the forum. This was cool

I was definitely thinking 80s but with weirdo flare. Love that band. Thanks!emphasized text

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This is just what I had hoped this site would be! Thank you @AJ113 and Andrew for that revalation that the vocal can be eq’d aggressively.

The vocal is sacred, but not as sacred as I thought.

I will try some autmation next. Thanks so much

So glad you dig it, I have more that I hope to try. This site is great for beta testing songs.

Do you mean the lyric broke mt heart is too repeated or that literally the vocal sings it rhythmically too long?


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I usually blurt as I listen. Just thought a the last part of the song It was said maybe a little too often?? Please take anything I say with several grains of salt. I lose friends this way

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Very well written and played Taylor, and the vocals are certainly the highlight. I could definitely hear this on a smooth jazz station format. The comments made here are worth considering and I won’t argue with any of them but then none of that really occurred to me as I was listening. This could certainly be extended instrumentally I think. Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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Yep that could work but just check the vocals even in the verse - there is some sort of honky mud going on, (300 - 400Hz maybe?) you would still need to EQ that out.

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