It's time to cut loose.....lead guitarist perspective

Finally came up with some lyrics to throw on this track. Got to thinking of all the mini civil conflicts in our band. Some quietly acknowleged, some vocal. Everyone wants to shine front and center. Rip this up if you have a minute.

Time to cut loose (from a lead guitarist perspective)

Cool that saxaphone … I got my own lick so leave it alone
Keepin it rollin keepin it hot ……screamin this baby give n what I got
Ride that crash… double that kick… funk that bass… and all ……that …shit

Back off…I’m in a zone ……… feelin the vibe ….this one’s my own
Fingers flying no deny”n… gimme some time… I’ll take it on home
Sing it Johny sing it good….killed it man knew you would

Time to cut loose…it’s time to rock n roll Time to get drunk or smoke yourself a bowl
Time to cut loose…it’s time to rock n roll Time to let the music in to your soul

Keep it goin set the tone… I got it got it got it bad I’m totally addicted aren’t you glad
Throw your caution to the wind…have another beer and join right in
You could be a super star

Fill in licks aren’t as cool as my solo…gotta step back… let others shine
Like cement I keep it all together …jeal…ou…sy ….I’ve heard them whine
No conceit …jist tell it like it is… I own this stage… this stage is mine

Guitar audio seemed a bit muffled initially, though it seems less muffled when other elements kick in. It seems like your main vocals are pretty much back to normal, so that is good. All of the melodies are good, and your guitar playing is fine, even if you’re not Eddie Van Halen on the lead guitar. It never ceases to amaze me some of your background vocals sound like someone else (assuming you did all of the vocals). Rock on man!

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Hi Aaron I sometimes forget to EQ the guitars. I will check the lows. This song has been a crutch to get me through covid/ ulcer/allergy crisis. I might go back now and put it some accent and transisition licks.
I gave the song a B- and that might be generous. I do all the vocals and when my voice comes back again, I have a song ready that i sung pretty high. ha ha

Nice tune!!!
Agree with aaron that the guitars felt a touch muffled at the start, but not as much once things got going.
The only thing that is throwing me is the balance of the vocals. They sound great but seem to be really cutting through. Not sure if it’s because there is no reverb (which is fine!) and just need pulling back, or if certain high frequencies are slicing through more than others, or if it just needs smoothing out with compression. They just feel a bit too on top to me and certain words or phrases, syllables are jumping out.

The BG voxs work really well and the music just locks in and does what it’s supposed to do, chugging along and bringing the energy to support the vocals.
Nice song! Love the line “Fill in licks aren’t as cool as my solo” too!

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Rock’n’roll! The phrasing of the lyrics is great. Everyone’s got in early to point out the issues, so I won’t go over that again. Nice work!

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Hello Daniel My wife of 52 years tells me that she thinks my hearing is going. It might be, but i think in her case it could be selective hearing :slight_smile: Secondly, I can’t even hear the two bgv,s unless i solo them??

As far as the vocals, I only shaved off the bottom end a bit. I am very bad at that EQ thing. I think I took off a bunch in the 2-300 range? I might post a pic of that and see what folks think. I wish there was just a studio one setting for “male vocal” With only hardwood floors and drywall, I decided to not use reverb. So hard to say all those words so fast. ha ha

We have a great lead guitarist in our band. Last summer we played a benefit and a young lady asked to sing a rock song. She sang the first verse and then “jimmy the picker” took off on a solo. She turned to me and shouted “when do I sing again” I said when he peeks up at you, he will be finshing.

thanks for the visit

Good rock & roll song Paul. The two guitars remind me a bit of Lou Reed 's New York Album (1990). I actually like the muffled sound! Maybe it’s why it reminds me of Lou Reed: he used that trick sometimes of a distorted guitar with the filter cutting of the top.

The only thing that I was wondering about is where in the song the drums are let loose: the first time in the guitar solo, then in the chorus (all fine). Then you cut back for the third verse (fine again), but forget to let the drums out for the second chorus. In fact the drums just don’t come back at all. Is that intentional? I would have thought the drums should be blazing away there, perhaps with the exception of an intentional last chorus without drums (except for the ‘sticks’ click).

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Hey Evert. I just played the ole PRS and slightly muffed the strings. Tough to do it the same as you go along. I could have copied and pasted the best I guess.
I just noticed the drums this morning when I went back and lowered the main vox a bit. Really blew it there. I couldn’t believe how loud they got (just like you) The problem is that I never know what EZdrummer format (wrong word) I was using when I put the track together. Even today I was putting in some fills and they just didn’t work. Same for that chorus. I do better when I just play them on my own. I have a few timing issues there tho. Maybe I will farm that out if I come up with a great song. Should be easy for a pro at 120 bpm. ha ha Good catch bud

This song is certainly worth it to get the drum part right! I hope you’ll give it a try…
Sorry I and can’t help ya with Easy Drummer. I’m a Addicitve drummer user myself.
Good luck!

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Thanks much for your ears. I changed up all of the drums except the toms that run behind the verse vocal. glad you noticed that :slight_smile:

Great writing skill, indeed. Vocal recording and performance are really spot on to me.
I wouldn’t copy previous comments about guitars and drums but I agree on them

Very nice song, as always!