It Wasn't You-Remix

Hi everyone,

a while ago i posted this track but i decided to remix it again due to quite a few issues. The song is quite a busy arrangement so i culled tracks and really worked the arrangement so it has more space the acoustic guitar at the start sucked (thanks ColdRoom-you were right it was direct recorded so that has now been mic’d. ) The vocals have been re recorded and so have the big guitars. And a truckload of automation.

Take a peek.

If you were interested ?.. some plugins of choice have been, Alloy2 ,Melda dynamic EQ, Boz Hoser eq + Side chain on guitars. Bass UAD AmpegB-15N plugin , UAD LA2A,3A Butch Vig vocals (distorted vocal pre chorus) UAD Fairchild -Vocals chorus. Parrallel Compression on drums - UAD Fatso SNR. Parallel comp for vocals - CLA76, Sonnox Inflator on Chorus vocals.
Axe Fx 2 - all guitars. Gibson SG and Telecaster on lead guitar.

UAD EMt140
Melda Convolution Reverb
Guitar Rig 5 - Spring reverb on vocals! YES this is a winner! quite surprised how good it sounded…
Boz -Imperial Delay
Sound Toys- Echoboy Delay,Reverb and Tremolo

Master Bus: UAD Studer-800 tape saturation , Boz Mongoose, UAD33609 Bus compressor - lite!!! Ozone 7 EQ + Mix Spectrum matching - this worked great! (reference track matching, towards the end of mix : see if you can guess the reference track?? i know that’s long shot!)

Cheers :drums2:

This is sounding great - I’d like to have another listen on a system that does it justice - I’ll be back later…

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Hey Andrew, when you mentioned the accoustic guitar it opened a big can of worms! :blush:… gain staging, balance then round again and again then compression , balance and eq and balance … etc etc

Hey Chris…Sorry mate! That acoustic sounds really sweet now, though!

Had a listen on good speakers - still sounds great. I really like the track - great chorus.

My only criticism is that the double tracked vocals in the verses sound a tad sour, tuning-wise at times. I personally would prefer single track vocals for the verses and leaving the double track for the choruses, where it works really well.

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Wow, that acoustic is awesome. some of the double vocals are very nice, but some are not. I have been trying the same techniques. Holy sh%$, when that power chord hit. Guitars sound awesome. Your vocal is good, but it would like to hear it a bit more nasty. ha ha I needed something better really works for me. I can see now after looking at all your equipment that it really helps getting a sound like this. You got it going bud, very cool:) Good luck



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I’ll third getting rid of the double tracked vocals on the verse parts of the song. It sounds fine on the chorus but makes the vocals sound weak everywhere else.
There’s a lot to like here, the song is good, and the guitar sounds are nice, my suggestion would be to look at the timing of the rhythm guitars, they could be tighter in a couple of places 2:45 - 2:53, that 8th note palm muted chugging is a bit off, tightening up the rhythm here can only help.

I really like the lead lick at 3:02, though I feel you start overplaying at 3:13, it doesn’t sound like there’s a distinct musical purpose to the lead playing, if you can get a clear musical message across it would make the song better. Oh and watch out for the bend at 3:45, it sounds a bit off, like it needs to go higher. My suggestion when pulling off these sorts of bends is to add some generous vibrato, which will make it sound more in tune with the song.

Anyway, great work, hope to hear what you do.

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Hey, I’m liking this! Agree with the others about losing the doubled vox during the verses. And yeah, it could be nastier…! :japanese_ogre:

Not much to add from what you’ve already got, but looking forward to where you take it…

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All good Andrew, some good points Ill take a listen to those verses… Its come along way in the last few months…

Yes i know what you mean…i will have a crack and channel NASTY! :slight_smile: … The equipment list was not to say you need all of this (in fact i was quite silly to get most of it! …thinking more is better) to get a great sounding track, this is just what used in the track, for different reasons.
Its hard when you don’t know what gear/plugins are good or what you like?.. i would suggest these days demo everything put it up against what you already have in your DAW…then decide. You have Studio One thats a dam good DAW right there with great compressors,eq’s etc…

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I better take a listen to that, probably on my deaf side :)…thanks

Nasty is the ingredient! …Cool !