Is YouTube getting out of hand?

I don’t necessarily agree 100% of his rant, but he has some valid points. There is certainly a lack of checks and balances.

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This should have gone in the Public Service Announcements thread. :cowboy_hat_face:

We keep electing politicians who spend their public service career on their knees before their corporate masters. Then we complain about the same corporations screwing us over using the laws written by our elected politicians.

This has more to do with dirty attorneys than politicians. My opinion

We could play a drinking game by taking a shot every time he drops the F-bomb and get really hammered.

I understand his frustration though.

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Really what is the difference?

It’s sad that the whole “Why innovate when you can litigate?” mentality has been so wholeheartedly embraced by much of corporate America. :worried:





Those attorneys aren’t working for youtube pro-bono and are following executive decisions. Those executives hire lobbyists and provide reelection funds/favors in an effort to sway law in their favor.

Man, that’s really funny! Thanks for the afternoon chuckle.

Time for a new platform ? :slight_smile:

It is past time for a new one, but getting it off the ground will be quite a challenge. It’d be like starting a search engine from scratch. People are creatures of habit


Thats true. On the other hand, you can use youtube to promote the shit out of your new platform, and give them the finger in the proces :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gosh, here’s another one, pretty related.


They should make the claimsystem differently. If they claim, for example, you still have 2 weeks time before the claim is actually executed.

I agree. At least give some time to prove both sides. It’s a bent system at this point

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voila :slight_smile:

Yes, and it will go further if you pay attention to it.