Is you is,is you aint,mix

Bit of Jazz

Not sure if you are just trolling me, hoping I will just fix your old stuff for free, as you seem to be pretty prolific… while your skillz / monitoring are also improving rapidly.

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Sounds pretty thin now on my monitors. while your skillz / monitoring are also improving rapidly,i like that :grinning:


Love this, Alan.

Perfect mix. IDK how I’d improve on this. Listening on my MacBook, not my monitors. This is nice.

…okay, so as I’m continuing to listen, there’s something weird that happens on the vocals at around 1:13. Really bad at 1:26. It’s like some kind of weird phasing thing. It’s pretty much gone by 1:30. Not sure what happened there. My guess is that it was in the original and you can’t do anything about it.

Anyway, outside of that, this is a GOOD mix.

How do you find the time to mix so many songs? You are popping them out like hotcakes! Doing a great job, man. Also, BTW, your selection of the pieces you are mixing is awesome as well. These are well-done, catchy pieces! I’ve done some from Cambridge and I have a hard time finding pieces that interest me sometimes. So, FWIW, good stuff!

Hm,m. Found this piece on Cambridge, cuz I was so curious. I didn’t d/l the full mix but just listened to the full mix preview. That doesn’t seem to be on the original. It sounds like an artifact I’ve heard sometimes with audio restoration processing when it’s overdone. Is that a possibility? There was some kind of artifact - background noise or something? - in that section on the original. Might you have tried restoring or cleaning that up in that section? Just a thought.

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Ah Ok, so I was using closed cans for mixing, the first time (AKG K271 mkII) - so Ive just slapped a little fat EQ onto it… but its still the previous mix essentially.

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Yes i think you a right .

That sounds cool

I just mix lol.I can mix 4 tracks in a day.Just for fun.Its a hobby or even an obsession maybe .I just know at the end of the day i will pretty good at what i set out to do.All the lovely words i get from people like yourself on here makes it all worth while even more.Yes that is just a de nosier de nosing too much lol.

Cambridge site is fantastic, Mike Senior has been an inspiration for me over the years.If you want to learn to mix ,learn to mix the stuff that everyone else give up on .Some great things to be had on the Cambridge site

yep your balances are really nice, it kinda dawned on me afterwards that you probably weren’t recording it too, but anyway…

I hope its useful, finding your optimum MONITORING setup is the hardest part of mixing. Whether its your room, your speakers or your cans… or a combination of all three.

It takes years to perfect that bit. Ive just changed my headphones, wtf was I thinking? :wink:

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So now I’ve just adjusted my monitors (all 3 bands) - just by a tiny (1-2 dB) amount to match my new headphones… oh shit, stuff sounds incredibly well balanced thru them now. Apologies if this makes me SUCK, I’d guess it probably could, its a 50/50 chance. Yay for me, bring it on. :crazy_face: