Is this any good?

Yeah, yeah, I know… Everyone is probably fed up to the front teeth with this song…but here goes nothing…

I’ll be cutting it fine if I submit this one… I’ve yet to do some finishing touches and a few little things, but this is the basic shape of it… whaddaya think?

*Edit - Updated mix below:

…and here it is shared on Soundcloud as per the competition rules:

submit it.
it is sounding good. Good balance, good vibes.

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It has a good balance, and I can hear everything with my headphones. I like the pan of the instruments. However, I think you could improve the musical form, orchestration, melody, etc. When I hear it I feel like something is off, it’s like some sections are in a loop. I’m not a native speaker, maybe it’s because I can hardly understand the lyrics (not your fault). Anyway, would be a good idea to read Arnold Schoenberg’s book about musical melody and form: Fundamentals of musical composition. It’s just a tip for future projects, so you know what you could improve in your work.

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Andrew, this is a great mix. Listening on my laptop. Sounds perfect. The bass could “possibly” be a touch louder, but hey, it’s my laptop. You might add some subharmonics to bring out the low end on cheap speakers? Other than that, this is very nicely done.

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Fantastic mix,i wouldn’t change a thing .Brilliant work

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What monitors do you use ?This mix really sounds spot on to me

Thanks Eric - Gonna put a little more sugar on top yet. I should beat the deadline if I do it tonight after work.

Cool, thanks Andreas! Oh, and welcome to the forum!

No problem - I only mixed this song. It is actually not my composition, recording or production. These tracks were provided for a mix contest. Unfortunately, the rules state that it is strictly a mixing contest, so no alterations to the production/arrangement are permitted. Here are the details:

That’s fine - I understand what you’re saying perfectly. It’s great to have different countries represented here - the more the merrier! Still, it may be an indication that the vocals could do with a little more level if the lyrics aren’t quite clear to you.

Thanks Tesgin. Good to know… oh, I do you mean “upper harmonics” not “subharmonics”? I’d imagine adding subharmonics to the bass wouldn’t do anything on laptop speakers, although adding upper harmonics via distortion etc would. I do have some of that mojo added in via my favourite new distortion plugin - Kilohearts Faturator and Waves Maxxbass, although I didn’t want to make it too grungey.

Wow, thanks Alan!.. I will change a few things, though.

Just my Yamaha HS50s with a HS10 sub - Same system I’ve had for the past 10 years. Cheap and cheerful! :blush:

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Oops. My bad. But yes, that’s what I meant. I’m thinking Rbass or MaxxBass would do the trick.

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Sounds pretty darn good to me! If anything, there is maybe a touch of sibilance that I’m hearing in the first verse… And perhaps the BG vocals could come up a touch to add some more “power” to those sections? But that’s just reaching for something.

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Hi Andrew,
for what it’s worth… I just listened to this after a little while surfing soundcloud and your mix is standout awesome… just through my laptop which I’d never normally bash on but the contrast for production values is stunning. Ark… so well done… it sounds crisp and wide and stand-out-well-done!


I’ll check on that again. I didn’t seem to notice it in my car system, and that is usually the acid test for that.

I actually thought they were in danger of overpowering the LV at some points toward the end. I’ll check that too - thanks Mike!

Thanks Emma…Well the recorded parts were pretty excellent sounding, bar the piano and the vocals. Even then, the performances were really great - it was just that the vocals were massively, ridiculously dynamic, and the piano just sound super dull and - I don’t know…just plain…weird - like the sustain pedal and the soft pedal were on the whole time!

Thanks for listening!

Updated mix for submission below - thanks for the help! :+1:

…and here it is shared on Soundcloud as per the competition rules:

Fan-f’in-tastic! Well done Andrew. Wow. :open_mouth:

This contest is actually a pretty brilliant idea. Mr. Tyo spends $200 bucks and has his pick of top notch mixes like this for his song. Plus all the people listening as a result. This is a really great song and deserves as big an audience as he can get…

Good luck!


Hey Fh, Great sounding mix.What did you do at the 3.51 mark bring the keys up sounds cool the way it blends with the BG vocals?

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Thanks Mike. Yeah, I wouldn’t like to be him listening to all those mixes, though! I reckon he’ll get fed up and end up picking one out of a hat!

Thanks Jerze! Your mix is very rockin’ - quite inspirational, in fact!

um… don’t know specifically… it’s all a blur of automation…lots and lots of automation! I remember pushing those AH vocals out reeeally wide, though.