Is this a good case for multiband compression? (distorted guitar)

So I keep my guitar tuned down to D and do my share of palm muting etc. On occasion I will get big spikes or swells around 180-220ish hz

Putting a small cut at 200hz isnt going to do anything

Would this be a good case for multiband compression…to help keep that particular area in check while not totally squishing the whole guitar range?

any good/free/easy to work with multibands out there?

Anyone use Reapers ReaXcomp??

I do have the Slate everything bundle but I dont think they have a multiband

Thanks, JJ

Yep, that’s a perfect time to do multiband compression. In fact, I just saw a video yesterday of someone using multiband compression to tame palm mutes. I’d dig it up if I knew where I saw it.

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yeah i thought it would be the right thing to try. I get about the same thing on vocals…dunno why everything wants to congregate around 200 hz lol

250Hz - 450Hz is my enemy.

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snare always ends up at 200 hz for me…so naturally everything else tries to get there too lol
bass/gtr/vox all wanna have resonance right there

haha, probably all newbs to semi experienced peeps should be forced to use multiband…if nothing else just to listen to the individual bands soloed lol

That’s a pretty fucking key situation. I usually use multiband compression on ALL guitars. Kick those swells right in the testicles around that range, don’t be afraid to go too hard either, because the bass guitar will cover it up in the mix.

A dynamic eq would probably work as well. There’s a free one called TDR Nova.

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That’s what I use Clamtits! Good call!

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