Is there a doctor in the house to check my fever?

Ok, I haven’t ever tried a cover before. I wrote this a little different. Seems like the two involved were a thing and the just expressed how hot they were for each other. I found that boring. This is written where the dude has the fever and there isn’t a relationship yet. ha ha Anyway, this is rough. I left my good mic in Texas and am using a AKG 414. I get too close some times and it gets boomy. I will resing it anyhow. If this one doesn’t fly, I have some ideas for a whole new take on it again. thanks much

ps the original lame lyrics have been changed upon request :slight_smile:

Fever so hottttt
Never know how much I love you bet ya don’t know how much I care when you come on walkin to me I get a fever that’s so hard to bear…

You give me fever…up and down my spine Fever….you give me fever everywhere
Fever… it feels so right (I can not fight) this fever…… goes thru the night.

Everyone gets the fever Nobody gets to escape
You’ll feel it first with a heart race Your brain will be all over the place

Doctor doctor help me please I need a cure I’m on my knees
She has got me in her spell I’m paralyzed I am not well…cuz I have the fever

new fever lyrics (not yet sung)

you have been a friend forever… bet ya don’t know how much I care
when you come on walkin to me I get a fever that’s so hard to bear

You give me fever…up and down my spine Fever….you give it to me every time
Fever… I’m tryin so hard to fight This fever…… goes all thru the night.

I tried to get over this feeling… I tried so hard to escape
I see you and I feel my heart race…… start shakin all over the place

Doctor doctor help me please I need a cure I’m on my knees
She has got me in her spell I’m paralized I am not well
Cuz I have got the fever


Nice guitar riff and tones
Instrument arrangement seems to work well together
Sticking with theme but adding variety
Nice change of pace at "Hot hot hot hot…Early morning…

For consideration
It seems there are different effects on the male and female vocals, so they don’t seem to interact well. The female seems a bit too up front in the mix.
Putting stress on the article “A” sounds a bit awkward… try “Cold shower half and hour it don’t help I am numb”…also the logic seems a bit off, if you are numb then it seems the cold shower DID help

“She is driving me crazy” Everything else is second person…try “You’re driving me crazy”…OR try a line more in line with the theme…“driving me crazy” is cliche and the reference to driving may fit better if more a reference to fever.

Thanks for sharing.

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Hi James. It’s great to have feedback :slight_smile: Usually when I post and don’t get feedback I know it is a mutt. ha ha To answer you, I sing the high parts too, although it is a struggle as of late. I put a slight effect on the low vocal called ampire and the high is just clean. I can go in and match those better. The low part is mostly around the “A” note, so that is hard to sing that too. It is easy on a guitar to get an open G slid into an A minor tho, so i chose that key???
I forgot to indicate last night when I posted this that I was looking for different lyrics in the bridge. Unfortunately, I write these songs as I go along. That is why you hear different vocal tones per line. I only have a few hours into this, so I can change any and everything.
Glad you like the guitar tone. This time I didn’t put anything at all on my PRS and messed with the LA 610 and overdrove it a bit. Wrote down the settings this time so as to get that tone again.
Really appreciate your time. Not sure if this will fly, but it was lots of fun doing

I changed those lyrics in the bridge. I will keep doing so until it makes better sense:)

ps I lowered the high vocal and added the true chorus vocal that only the high was singing also threw in different bridge lyrics. I will keep doing that till something sticks. Getting very tired of this song. Might have to s%$t can it. ha ha


Hey Paul, I am totally digging this approach! Not going to worry about mix stuff at this point-- yes, needs work on level balances and there are timing issues etc, but as a vibe, and overall feel, this kicks ass. I don’t have a problem at all with the second-person lyrics in the last verse because the guy is talking to his doctor, and describing the girl who’s giving him the fever. Works just fine IMO.

You’re off to a great start here. This actually has a bit of a Talking Heads feel to it for me…

Looking forward to where you take this-- please don’t shitcan it! :+1:

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Well Dave I am glad you stopped by cuz I was not going to continue. ha ha I noticed the timing stuff this afternoon. I have to regroup and redo most everything. I can only lift ten pounds for a few weeks yet and it is driving me nuts, so i am glad to putz around in the studio. My problem in the timing department if I had a song idea from the start and played it in it’s entirety, it wouldn’t be that messy. I am also used to have the mic a couple inches from my mouth and you can’t do that with that 414. I have many the old 58’s lying around, I suppose I should grab one. ha ha It said I was 7 db over when I mixed it down. I’ll mess with those levels. Thanks a bunch for the encouragement. Been a long couple of weeks. Still kickin and it is fun do something from scratch.


Nice one Paul. I like his laid back swamp fever. I’m thinking J.J. Cale. Your guitar solo too: it sort of starts somewhere and gets lost in the swamp again somewhere else. Like a fever. Sure the mix need some work, but its the idea that counts (i think so anyway).

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yeah man i am digging it. Well done. Some cleanup, mix, listen, remix and post man. It is a good one.

Perfect analogy. Totally agree. The riff also reminds me a bit of Bowie’s cover of the Kinks classic “Where Have All the Good Times Gone”…

He Evert Yes I posted this without trying to get things cleaned up just for a sampler. There are a few missed notes in that little solo. I could have done another take, but all I could think about was what was I going to talk about next:) I guess it is swampy, Never thought about that. Thanks for the help


Ha ha Dave, you picked up on the kinks, The only difference I guess is the Amin instead of the A chord. This track is a mess when looking at it now. I copied and pasted those guitar parts in places and i see now I did not have it on the snap feature. Typical for me. I see the bass line has tons of artifacts as well. Going to dig in to fix them. Still not happy with some of the places in the track where even myself lose interest. gotta get creative. have to look up who JJ Cale is? Thanks bud


Hey, it’s all about the arrangement at this stage of the game, just get the ideas going, all the mix details will come later… surprised you aren’t into JJ Cale, you are in his mold for sure. Good luck!

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I also want to state that I am not entering the contest. I just did this for something to do while I heal. My music is all about the fun of doing it :slight_smile: I would not know how to use that stuff anyway. ha ha

I like it mate :+1: good job.
Nice guitar solo tone too

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This is a really well constructed song, I like it. As I listen to your songs you post on here Paul, I am getting a feel for your sound and your production and I can hear that you have a certain consistent feel with your production. My thought here is this, if you try make a puzzle without the box cover showing you the picture to the puzzle, it is very hard to know where the pieces go. I find that when I try to record songs, I try to copy, not another persons song, but the sound. So I may be writing a song that lyrically sounds like Ryan Adams but I want the vocals to sound like Johnny Cash or even Sinatra. So I listen to a Cash song and I focus on just how the vocals sound, how much reverb, how close or far from the mic, how clear or fuzzy the sound is, as well as the level of the vocals to the rest of the song. I know that a lot of great talent went into the production of a Cash song and it is tried and true. So I know if I can get that sound, I will be possibly in the ballpark of a good sound. I find as I listen to music and focus on the overall song and each piece that makes up that song, I get in my mind a picture of what I want my sounds to sound like. Then I try to shape the sounds and levels of all my pieces to my song to match that image. I say all this because you may be trying to have a particular sound, such as an old vinyl 50’s record sound and I may listen to your song and suggest that it needs to be more of a today’s pop music sound, not knowing what you are really wanting to sound like. So my question to you is if you have to pick an artist or two that you would most want your sound to match, who would they be?

Wow James. You got me thinkin now. ha ha I am 69, so you can just imagine the influences I have had over these years. I have heard time and time that my music was dated and I need to get with the new sounds. I tried for a while to do that and then gave up on it. I guess I would like my music to have some sort of success, but I am a realist and know how much great music is out there and my chances would be like hitting the lottery even if I sounded contemporary. My deal is to not to try to sound like anyone else and not address topics that others have already exhausted. I truly get what you are saying and I like the way you systematically approach your songwriting. You do your homework first. I fly by the seat of my pants and don’t ever think I will be refined. ha ha Your first two lines made my day and that is all about what i am trying to do. I changed to wording a couple of time trying to make my own song Fever.

thanks for taking the time to make this ole boy feel good