Is photoshop still industry standard for graphic design?

For album cover artwork, band, studio logos etc… Is photoshop still the reigning king of graphics? I used it in high school. Haven’t touched it since.

I use a free program because I can’t afford PS. Pretty decent.

ooh that getpaint looks interesting… what tricks can it do?

It depends on the task. Photoshop and Lightroom are both used heavily by photographers, but for vector art, Illustrator is more of the standard. But if you can score a good deal on an Adobe suite, you’ll have your bases covered

I just asked a graphic designer that question…She said “Yeah”.

It’s a lot like photoshop, not quite as many features but there are some that are exclusive to it. You can also download add-on effects. I’ve had a lot of use out of it over the years, and best of all it is totally free. I just updated mine for the first time in four years, I’d encourage you to try it out. It’s pretty intuitive.

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I used Gimp to do the artwork for my band’s new album. It’s great and there’s a lot of instructional videos on YouTube.


How do you score a good deal on it? I thought Adobe had fixed price subscriptions? Do they run sales?

I’m pretty sure nothing has come along to knock photoshop off it’s throne. Adobe does a good job of keeping ahead of the curve and keeping Photoshop current, and I don’t know of any widely used piece of software for doing image editing. For personal use, there are other options out there, especially if you don’t need tons of functionality.

But if I’m doing work with a graphic designer, I expect to be able to give them a .psd file and be ale to use it.

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Find a student! The student discount is quite significant!

Thats a good idea :smiley:

Plant the seed and wait 18 years to reap the rewards.

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Those things pretty much pay for themselves in the long run

+1 for GIMP from me, though I’ve not really used anything else, but it’s clearly very good, and very popular so lots of learning/advice resources on the 'net.