Is it Raw?

This area is looking abit dry and i want to help get it abit more active even if its getting people to laugh at my lyrics : :smiley:

Fuckin raw,

From what i saw
Walking out the door
S-S-s-she likes it raw

She knows the score
She likes it raw,
She knows the score,
S-S-s-she likes it raw

Dont cook me undercooked meals,
Anymore, underscored,
I swear i saw that meat,
On the floor, just before,

This was a idea i had the other night, im always thinking of lyrics, just not many get used for anything.
I havnt laid anything down at this point audiowise, just kicking lyrical ideas around and maybe something might stick and spark something with someone.

Anyone got anything to add, you got a line or two that goes with this? Got a riff, drum, bassline, restructuring the current lyrics, anything actually!
Let me know and post it below!!

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Do you have an idea for the tempo and music style you’re going for?

Yeah something along the lines of “Dummm…cha…dummmm cha”

Hahah! No, no, i kid, i kid.

When i thought of these lyrics i was thinking of some heav-ish(80’s) rhythm guitars, so probably floating around 120 BPM, but obviously not 120 BPM for all the obvious reasons.

I was picturing myself wearing a long “GLAM” hair rock wig as i got short hair and it goes curly when i grow it.

Vocals were kind of LOWFI, almost like a telephone, hahah.

Proper answer, around 120 BPM and rock/anything rock related.

Think i also had some fun times around 90 BPM and 110 BPM, Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen even faster!!! Way past 120 BPM BABY!

Good times.


Funny, when I read them and created an improvised mental tune, I had it belting along like a punk track like “Attitude” by the Misfits.
Funny how the words can make you think a certain way.

Checking out Attitude by the Misfits right now Danman!!!
Im picturing a Misfits : Helena (vibe)

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