Is it possible to apply a batch fade a marquee'd region in REAPER?

I know there are a million different ways to put fades on a region, but I’m can you swipe select or marquee a region in Reaper then hit a button to ‘apply fade’?

If fading the end of a song for example I would like it to draw a fade for any audio within the selected range to fade to the beginning of the edit selected area. This will make all fades begin from the same point but fade to the end of the file even if the regions lengths are not all the same.

I like this feature in Pro Tools and Nuendo because you can be fast and sloppy with it and still have it catch everything.


It’s been a long while since I used Reaper, but I recall something about applying as volume envelope on the tracks

I ended up getting this part by creating an ‘all’ group then fading to/from cursor position, but I’m not real happy with that method.

I think you can do with a volume envelope on the master track - that should get a fade across all tracks without affecting any compressors or plugins.

you can marquee as many items as you want and then drag the fade. I don’t know if there’s a single button to apply a fade though.

oh, wait. nevermind. That doesn’t work unless they are all lined up. Hmmm.

Yes, you can definitely do that. Not sure that’s exactly what Jonathon wants though.

I’d bet there is a simple way to fade all the tracks without using the master track though, because Reaper is pretty deep and flexible.

Oddly I had that very problem yesterday and googled it. I don’t understand the volume envelope master track stuff, but I really only needed to fade one midi track that did not want to work with velocity.

So I rendered it to a wav and faded by hovering the mouse over the top right corner of the track and moving it up and down until a little page cursor appeared and then holding down the left mouse button and dragging it to the right. It took me forever to find that spot as I first thought I could do it from any point in the track.

If I needed to fade out everything at the end, I would render the mix and then fade.

Not exactly what you are asking but you could try this (to fade multiple items in Reaper - on a mac):

  1. Multi select (highlight) all items you want to fade.
  2. Grab any selected item by the top right corner.
  3. Hold down ‘option & command’.
  4. Drag to set the fade length of all selected tracks.

It shouldnt matter if the items are different lengths or don’t line up.

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