Introducing ProVocative by Boz Digital Labs

In case anyone here is unaware, Boz’s newest plugin “Provocative” is out now for an introductory price of $19.


Microshift is my go-to for this sort of thing, but I really like the idea of the HP/LP filters to hone in on the frequencies. I imagine that it allows you to use the effect and not “smear” the low end. I am also liking the ability to dial in more or less of the chorus effect and the separate Wet/Dry knobs.

From the email:

As always, our goal in making ProVocative was to create a version of this effect that is high quality, easy to use, and at a price point that makes it hard to justify not owning it.

Goal achieved! :grin:

Question for @bozmillar: if it’s not too “personal” - how do the discounters work? (i.e. AudioDeluxe) If I buy from them to save a couple of bucks, do you get less income? If so, I’d rather spend a couple of dollars more and buy direct and buy a virtual friend a few beers for his hard work. :beerbanger:


I already got it and have found it useful just like all the Boz plugins i have.

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Ditto. Plus, if you get it from Boz Digital, there is literally no waiting for the serial number. Playing with it now… :sunglasses:

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They take a percentage of anything they sell. I actually try to keep it so that when I’m having a sale, other retailers are not and when they are having a sale, I’m not. That way there’s less poaching going on. When there’s a plugin launch though, I let everybody have the sale price. There are times where people open my email and then go to another store to buy it, but considering they are promoting it as well, it’s all fine. But for normal sales, I’ve found it’s better to stagger them.

That is exactly why I was asking. I was about to buy from AudioDeluxe for $2 less, then got to thinking. Somehow, I don’t mind nickle and diming a big faceless company, but…

Anyway, here it is in action. I really like the subtlety you have with this plugin. The UI is a lot less fiddly and much more streamlined than the beta version you gave to us a while ago. And there’s also the filter mentioned above. (And no, it’s not on the lead guitar, that was baked-in to the track.) It’s on the vocal chain. I’ve still got some tweaking and automating to go and polishing, but it’s almost time to abandon this mix. :grinning:

This is Ultraviolet Apology by The Butterfly Effect off the Cambridge Multitrack site. (No link given because this fantastic resource is currently hacked, apparently. :rage: )

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