Intro or stand's acoustic project

I started messing with this early this morning. Went to coffee with the boys at six, came home and recorded four tracks. The main riff down the middle. A single strum on one side and picked notes on the other. Oh yeah, a few low volume notes on my bass. I can’t figure out what to do with it at this point. I can hear my breathing with that 414? One bad thing is that I did not record anything in time.
ps Sorry about being a forum hog as of late, but things have been really coming to my brain the last couple of weeks.

That’s very nice and… very short :slight_smile:

Gmaj7 and Dmaj7 are the first two chords (but 1 tone higher) of Old Friend by Simon & Garfunkel. I can think of a lot of chord progressions that would extend this nice intro. I’m sur you’ll figure out something great!

Not sure it’s your breathing we hear, maybe clothes rubbing when you move your left arm?

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Hi there. Yes it is very short. That is why I didn’t know if I should make a song out of it or not. If I did, I would most likely use only the last series as an intro. You are right on the clothes rubbing noise, I went in and checked. You nailed the chords, but I was hoping you were going to suggest some of the chord progressions. ha ha I always seem to pick the same ones. I am not formally schooled as so many on this forum are, so I just randomly experiment? This little ditty kinda sounded a little cool, but after the fact I thought I had no idea what to do with it.
Thanks for listening and your comments


Well I don’t know if that helps, but playing around with it leads me to this, for instance.

Chords are:
Gmaj7 Dmaj7 (x4)
F#madd9 C#madd9 (x2) (short transition with C#m7 Cm7 landing on the Bm)
Bm7 E7sus E7
Gmaj7 Dmaj7


my goodness was that beautiful. You just blew me away bud. I now have to look up a couple of those chords. You don’t get that purity with a cheap ole acoustic. At least I can’t. I love the way it all comes back around. I was just singing some lyrics to this, but I just don’t know anymore now. I love this forum, but most folks here are so far over my head. Can’t wait to try all this. Of course tho, after the Packer game. ha ha I am humbled…thanks again

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Yeah i like this. I am looking forward to seeing were it leads you.

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First of all, this sounds great! andI love it that @Lophophora is helping with some ideas too. Secondly, you don’t ever have to apologize for talking too much on here. There’s no such thing!

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