A couple of interesting points in this BBC report:

  1. Live music now accounts for almost 25% of UK music industry revenues.

  2. YouTube is the most popular way to consume music in the UK, with 31% of the population using it at least once a week. I’ve stated this before in other discusions but I don’t think you chaps acoss the pond beleved it.

  3. After Youtube and Spotify, CDs are the third most popular way of listening to music. As I keep saying, CDs ain’t dead, nor are they likely to be in my opinion - at least until an alternative physical format is developed.

  4. The UK music industry grew across almost every sector last year, with the industry generating £4.4 billion. There’s life in the old dog yet.


I’ve got over 400, I’m not switching now. Anyone who tells me to get with the times can eat a sewer trout.

I would believe that. That’s the way I listen to music most of the time now. CD’s would be my second choice (mostly when driving my car).

Yep me too. Most people I know listen to their CDs in the car primarily.

I still play 'em in my living room. Vinyl is preferred but there’s a lot of stuff in the '90s that either never came out on vinyl or is super expensive. As much as I love it, I’m not paying $500 to listen to Blind Melon’s Soup when I can hear the CD for $5.00.