Interesting Modern Song Intros

This intro has always baffled me.
As far as i can tell, it has nothing to do with the main course of the song! Lol.

Do you have a stranger than normal favorite?


Lady Gaga’s poker face begins with the intro of Ma Baker from Boney M in the actual voice of Bobby Farrell
I thought it was extremely clever

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It’s not anything that ever seemed odd to me, and looking at it now it seems like a simple “what skill (dance), money, status, prestige, etc makes me worthy of your love?” Of course, many songs are silly premises to begin with, but may resonate with basic human emotions we can all relate to. What teenage boy didn’t think he deserved to “get the girl” just because he was “cool”. This one was pretty good for 1962 IMO.

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Ha, the video static photo tells me everything I need to know. The “OK/circled-finger-over-eye” is a classic Illuminati/Freemason symbol (the “all seeing eye” like on your dollar bill) … and based on what I know of the “Lady”, she’s all that. I have a hard time even watching/listening to that stuff, though I realize the Hard Rock music I grew up on probably had a lot of that symbology as well.

However, the sonic aspects of the intro don’t necessarily seem in-congruent in that context. If anything, the weirder the better, if you plan on attending Bilderberg parties. :joy:

Maybe this one. I could never figure out the ‘cyclops’ head / burlap bag thing at the beginning. I think they could have cut that part, or used something else. But I love the song and some of the visual effects used.

Personally, I wouldn’t play my electric guitar while stomping around it water. :electric_plug: :zap:

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I get it, lyrically at least!
Although the guitar double picking reminds me of a mandolin somewhere in Venice on a gandola! Lol.

Then the song hits! Bam!

Every time I hear it, makes me chuckle.

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Definitely invokes an Italian restaurant. Makes me hungry for pizza. :pizza: :yum:

Okay. But I was trying to mainly focus on the musical aspect of the songs and their intros.

Visuals are totally something else!

Sometimes i question if the videos have any relevance to the music at all. I want to listen and relax with the music, not have to study it for hidden commentary.

I think the intro sound on it is weird, and it’s kind of cool, but seems quite odd at the same time. A short creepy melody, then a weird guitar riff that sounds kind of synthetic (maybe edited heavily?). It’s both the audio and the visuals, they just strike me as strange. It was the only song that came to mind right off, per your criteria, though given time I could probably think of more.

If the illuminati is a secret society, then how come everybody knows about it? Weird huh!

I didn’t find anything too strange in that video though. The part @FluteCafe was referring to was pretty clever!

What stuff are you talking about, MIDI?

Okay, here’s an interesting one.

Great song with an intro that hits the mark for me. So simple.

Same instrument and same phrase that is the musical break in the middle of the song!

Intro Well done Peter!

They have to be somewhat visible, and tell you what they’re plans are in advance. That way, they’re off the hook karma-wise when they manipulate society. You gave them permission through your “implied consent” (lack of objection or non-compliance). If I walked up to you and said “I’m going to steal your wallet”, and then I reached in your back pocket and pulled out the wallet and walked away, and you did nothing … “implied consent”. I don’t endorse the morality of that, I’m just saying that in a court of law they’ll ask you (not me) “Why didn’t you object? Why didn’t you attempt to stop him?”

Have you ever noticed that in courtrooms (or TV court) that the attorneys seem to say “I object!” frequently, even frivolously at times? They know the system … if they don’t “object”, whatever was said becomes “implied consent”.

No, just the whole vibe of it. I have to admit it’s catchy and clever, but it’s always given me the creeps.

That’s an interesting one. I’d guess it’s a flute, but it almost sounds like a didgeridoo with the effects on it. Yes it’s cool how they bring it back in the break. While the intro might seem out of place with the music of the song, it seems to just work. It was well known that Peter was experimenting with World Music at that time, so ‘artistic license’ just kind of came with the territory.

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Perhaps we should ask @FluteCafe what instrument that sounds like.

Heck, it could be a sample of something, or an old indigenous blow into it thingy!

Please shed some light on this @FluteCafe . Thanks.

that is a shakuhachi flute, sampled and synthesized.
we did a case study on synthesized flutes and this particular song came up. It is an iconic song. :slight_smile:

The song Poker Face I am not too fond off myself, but i loved the Ma baker intro.
ma ma ma ma…and some how it turns into poker face lol
The song I am referring to is this one

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Okay okay okay.
The first 15 seconds of this is just pure genius, followed by 4 more minutes of pure genius!

Although the thread title does say “modern song intros”, I’ll take my cue from @studio Christopher’s example being from 1962 and I’ll submit this one from 1974… I always thought this was truly bizarre… arresting nonetheless!

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Yeah, if this thread was a contest, that song intro would be in the top 5 for sure!


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Well, um modern as in, after the invention of the radio.
There. Fixed it!

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I always liked Alex’s Harley imitation here. And it becomes part of the song too.

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